What Makes Us Unique- Our Manifesto

It is our aim to bring back true investing with “no pumps – no dumps”. We send out 1~2 emails a week that spotlight a stock that we primarily see as a sound company with promising products and an actual influence in their field. We load up on Due Diligence (DD) in a completely comprehensive, organized write-up. Not only do we feel as though our stocks are great “investments”, but our alerts are TIMELY, as per a Technical Analysis Breakout and volume interest, that makes each stock also extremely profitable for short term traders.

We don’t understand what is attractive about 1000% gains. Sure it’s nice, but it’s not going to happen everyday. While, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of multibaggers here on ActualGains, we are more overtly concerned withconsistent, actual gains. By actual, we mean that the money coming into your account by acquiring a position during our timely alerts will not be one that plummets, it will not be one that spikes and leaves you spinning wheels on commission, but instead it will be one that grows naturally and takes advantage of the manipulations in the market, instead of creating it.

Here at ActualGains, we do have a few rather profitable news sources that we are willing to share with you. These are connections to big movers in the market, that can allow us as a group to curtail their timely market moves. Additionally, we have access to many news feeds and Level II trading views, so as to inform our followers with the most advantageous entries and exits.

We are a really positive group and want to make the most out of this truly great connection we have established in the market. Remember, if you want to get rich overnight…that can happen here, but that shouldn’t be your reason for joining. You’re reason should be one of interest in acquiring a steady income of actual, reasonable gains.