Actual Gains For A Ten-Bagger Win. RAYS Prevails With Our Prescribed Sentiments

The last you heard from us…we brought you an alert that shook the market.When we say 990% in gains was ACTUALLY possible, we aren’t kidding. IXEH rocketed from .0015 at the time of our alert to .0129 . Both that low and that high were very liquid, providing amazing trading opportunities for our list ONLY!

We ruled the market that day.

We got honorable mention at the penny stock rumble for the BEST PERCENTAGE GAINER in the market that day!

You got it here first.

There’s no doubt about it.

We warned you! Don’t let another pass you by!

If you’re joining us because you saw and wondered where it came from. Look no further. We’re happy to have you on the team!

That being said…we are being EXTREMELY PICKY for our next pick. Many are knocking down the door in anticipation of what we have next up to bat. We hear you! We want you to hear us when we say..our next pick will only be amongst the best! Patience will pay off as we locate another play with as much potential as we’ve seen recently!

This makes for a great time to check in on our long term plays!

RAYS – this week brought some red to the table, but not overall! We like that. We prefer that. As we said before….we wouldn’t be worried unless we saw two consecutive double-digit red days. We’ve stood by that, so currently (since we have SO MUCH wiggle room before we’re int he red) we are up 125% . Our forward looking sentiments on RAYS remain hopeful in thinking that this could follow in the footsteps of LEXG. LEXG started sending hard mailers at $3.00. Once evidence of these postcards landing in the physical mailboxes of investors (if they ever come) will be a sign of the next leg up. We are still excited and the accumulation is getting better and better, not to mention the amount of shorts coming in, which could result in a short squeeze so long as the excitement outweighs the pessimism.

ITNS – This is our long term jewel. We saw it go to .09 from our initial .06 alert. Going down to .04 for more chances to average down was a great opportunity for a double at .08, but we are hopeful that all these levels will be insignificant in the future. To all our new subscribers…ITNS is the definition of an ACTUAL company. We couldn’t be more excited for the next few months and will continually update. We are happy to let everyone know about it and starting Monday. we are putting it on high alert again for all of our new subscribers that want a piece of the action!

FBCD – Giving daily day trade potentials, this one might be ready for it’s breakout with this news out:

Hope all is well. Be ready for our next alert. With all the excitement from our followers raking in the gains from our last few plays…there’s no doubt that our next play will be exciting. We are hard at work making sure to bring you ONLY the best, next. Stay closely tuned. Enjoy the long plays, especially ITNS for anyone new to joinin us!