Actual Gains. RAYS. Other Updates. Another Intraday Play Tomorrow.

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Greetings all!

We have a lot to say…so let’s get right into it. Today’s alert started off great, rallying up 19% from the open and allowing a fair amount of trading to go through, so followers were able to make nice day trading attempts.

Multiple dips and rallies throughout the day provided multiple 10% rallies, one even being good for 30%! While our eyes are on $GEAR for days to come, something even better caught our eyes EOD.

We switched our coverage, immediately, to $RAYS. We were calling it on twitter constantly, as you can see HEREOur sense of urgency comes here in the similar fashion to when we alerted $LEXG. Forget anyone else trying to take claims for alerting $LEXG before it’s huge run…we ACTUALLY alerted it at $1.00. Most others didnt catch on till $2.00…and it went all the way to above $11.00. Now, for the first time since $LEXG, we have found a budget large enough to attract potentially even more attention than $LEXG. That play is $RAYS. This seems like one of the plays where entries over the enxt few days could be insignificant on the intraday, as the interest QUICKLY gathers and demand outweighs supply. We could really have undiscovered quite the gem here, considering their video compression tehcnology seems ACTUAL and has thousands of practical uses, especially for HUGE corporations. This isn’t a joke. $RAYS could be a BIG time deal! $RAYS is already up almost 20% since our alert!

Checking in…$FBCD brought EVEN MORE actual gains today since our alert Thursday night.

Also..$ITNS is doing some very nice healthy consolidation and holding its gains. Everyone knows how we feel about that one and we can’t wait for the future!


With our knack for intraday calls, we will be feauturing another new alert that could prove itself tomorrow since it hit our scanners today! We are excited to do some DD and see just why this one is really getting moving. Hear all about it tomorrow morning!

ENJOY THE PROFITS! There is a lot going on! We will provide consistent updates! Get Ready For Tomorrow! Will Be A Gauranteed Exciting Day!



- AG

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We have been compensated twelve thousand five hundred dollars by a third party for GEAR.