AG and AGCZ – A Timely, And Actual Situational Alert

Good Evening All,

There’s a lot of reasons we like our alert, which begins its coverage on Monday Trading. Not only do the first two letters of their ticker match our famous AG acronym, but they have a lot, fundamentally, in common with the features we admire most here.

That being said, this alert is not only Actual in the highest degree, but from the current position of their chart, they could be headed for a major technical breakout. We’ve illustrated both, below.

AGCZ – Andes Gold Corp.

Here’s the part that strikes us most about AGCZ and what has become the second most motivating factor for this alert (the first being the chart, which we will get into later):

Unlike most other penny priced Gold Mining Companies, AGCZ actually already has mine fields, which routinely bring in significant amounts of ore. This is in addition to the other ore files that they process with their mill! Talk about Actual!

Check out the key-highlights from the company’s web-page that brings us the ability to call AGCZ Immensely Actual!

The details bring about even more exciting info AND forward looking statements!

The Opportunity

The Zaruma-Portovelo district of southern Ecuador has been a prolific producer of both gold and silver for over 450 years. No records of mine production exist for the first 300 years, but since 1905, over a period of only 50 years, mining activities have produced an excess of 4.5 million ounces of gold, when the cut-off grade for ore was 14.5 g/T of gold. The district, an area of 150 km2, contains at least 15 major veins. All of these veins are currently covered by only small mining concessions of 10 to 40 hectares in surface area.

Andes Gold Corp. holds the rights to the Miranda Alto concession and has assessed the economic potential of the land. Except for the work carried out by Andes Gold and a few earlier international companies, lack of previous funding had prevented the use of modern exploration and mining methods to significantly increase reserves and to maintain historical high grades. Strike length of major veins can range up to 1 kilometer. Depth potential can range up to 1500 m where current mining has exploited only the first 200 m below surface. Andes has now obtained the necessary funding to increase reserves and upgrade the mill to increase production.

An Active Gold Mine in Development

Since 2007, Compañia Minera PL S.A. has developed to a fully equipped gold mine processing plant in Portovelo / Zaruma. The development includes the expansion of the current milling process and also the purchase of CIP tanks for the cyanide leaching process.

The company can now produce up to 100 T/d ore, but it doesn’t have the capacity to process all the production. By the end of March, 2012, the company will be at full capacity of 150 T/d (Tonnes per day).

Possibility of Expansion

The property is surrounded by several concessions. The Miranda concession is the key to the neighboring four concession areas, as it is located on a mountaintop and is connected to the most tunnels. The concession area towards the north and also the concession areas towards the south are accessible via the Miranda tunnels. Acquiring the surrounding concession will give the company a resource potential to be the biggest gold producing company in the area.

And now…Let’s get into the technicals.

We currently see AGCZ sitting at resistance, but with the technical indicators lining up, AGCZ could shortly break through that resistance, signaling a potential BREAKOUT rally that could send AGCZ into “blue-sky” territory.

Pretty Actual, eh?

We are excited to be featuring AGCZ and think that it could only be a matter of time that others start to see these technicals unfold, just like we were able to call LIMO for 30% in multiple intraday gains from our technical alert, AGCZ could follow in those footsteps if this breaks initial resistance!



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