An Incredible Influx of Actual Gains – New Alert Tomorrow!

Wow, just wow. I could hardly keep track of all the plays today!

$XNRG closed up 11% at .2 today. We’ve been calling this for accumulation at .14 areas, and now the games have just started rolling!

$CWNR closed up 80% higher than the calls we had for .17 accumulation. Was one of our better technical plays!

$CPSV was good to trade the way we had said, a quick pop in the morning of about 8%. We like money in the AG community. We’ll take it!

$SSOL which we tweeted about on Friday with .004 on the ask, closed up at .007, which is 75%

The best part of it all, is that Inner Circle Chat had a play today that is exclusive to them! They were able to see an additional 30% and are holding for more!

That’s 174% today!!!!! I’m almost positive that’s unheard of for any other community!

Inner Circle had over 200% today with their special play. If you want a piece of it, then see what we’re all about:
Inner Circle will also be getting tomorrow’s alert the EARLIEST POSSIBLE WAY – the chat!

So….with our INCREDIBLE SUCCESS lately. Between last week and today and the months before, we’ve been doing nothing but growing.
What do we do now? GROW MORE!

Tomorrow’s Alert is SUB PENNY. Looks Incredibly thin on L2, and is and ACTUAL company.
That’s a 3 point winner!
And it’s coming:


Hope all is well,