APRE (Aperature Health, Inc.) Is A Brand New Company Capturing The Home-Heatlh Care Market By Storm

Greetings all!

We are excited to unveil this new company! Hardly trading and making an awareness debut (starting with us!) on Monday, this could easily add itself to  our list of winners for the year.

Especially so, considering the Actuality of the company.

We have a knack for finding undervalued companies trading at just pennies and our alert for Monday led us down a path of searching for info about this surprisingly Actual company. Luckily, we’ve done all the digging and uncovered this gem for you and will now, finally present it to you, well before Monday’s open, so you can become acquainted with the amazing details we found.

Also…don’t forget…Monday is the first day of what promises to be an exciting week of awareness for this company.

APRE – Aperture Health, Inc.

It’s impossible to talk about APRE without focusing solely on their recent acquisition, Triad Therapeutics, Inc. (“Triad”).

Triad provides specialized home health-care services to patients requiring intravenous therapy including antibiotics, pain management, hydration, immunoglobulins, steroids, total nutritional solutions, and IV catheter insertions and maintenance. The Company provides a complete solution to patients including the preparation and delivery of sterile compounded IV medications, supplies and equipment, along with specialized nursing care and teaching of the patient and/or caregivers on the administration of therapies as prescribed by a physician.

Let’s stop right there and talk about how important this is.

With huge moves being made in the medical community to keep citizens out of overpopulated elder care facilities and hospitals, home based care is a very rapidly growing field.

In Japan, this is prominent in the manufacturing of robots to move health-care to the home front. What APRE is doing in the U.S is VERY similar and seems as though it can certainly incorporate, eventually, the methods they are putting into place in Japan.

Next…Their Definition of Actuality is as good as ours!

Triad is a fully JCAHO accredited home IV therapy company, achieving this “gold standard” status in 2007. The company has built a well respected reputation in its industry for its therapy expertise and commitment to care for its patient clients. The company services clients throughout the states of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, providing opportunity for organic growth. Triad’s full time marketing and sales personnel continuously represent the company in the core services areas, growing and maintaining the company’s referral source base. Patient referrals are made from physicians, hospitals, insurance companies, veterinarians and hospice care providers that have established a professional rapport with Triad.

This JCAHO gold standard is no joke! Triad is becoming extremely recognized by their peers and feared by their competitors.

The business of home infusion therapy is a mature industry with multiple competitors. Triad markets its services to hospital discharge planners, physicians, hospice providers, and veterinarian hospitals. Triad vigorously and successfully competes for client referrals by providing enhanced customer service and reliable cross communication with the patients care givers, nurses, pharmacists and physicians.

The Skinny:

This DD alone makes us feel as though APRE could really be a ground-floor opportunity considering the fact that trading has just begun on APRE and the volume has been light.

Just logistically speaking, a newly trading company that comes into a bit of awareness, at the very least, makes for very interesting day-trading potential.  Keeping this in mind, we have the long-term in mind, not just thinking about how there is more awareness ahead for this company, but also how home-based care, in general can grow, and APRE along with it!



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