April Track-Record = 259% + Sub-Penny Momentum Alert Coming Friday!

Greetings all!

With all the exciting alerts in May so far, we almost forgot to check in on our annual track-record, which shows the overwhelming evidence that it pays to stick with us as your sole newsletter!

Why? Because in just one Month we were able to deliver the following plays. Notice how we include the losers as well. We never want to give the appearance that we are perfect. But there is a LOT more green than red in there, showing we beat the market if you stick with us!


BBRD – 20% in intraday potential

CLNO and GCLL – 0% Relatively flat on the day, but some intraday gains were possible.

WBSI – 12% in rally potential

SUFF – -27% Hardly able to trade. Big spread. Big mess. we admit defeat.

RSRS – 16% and counting

GOSY –  10% (really 20% from open to HOD, but that rip led to an eventual dip)

RDSH – -5% on just a badly traded day…

DHSM – 30% on a perfect news based alert

QUMI -29% on just the first day!

HDSI – 100% on an amazing bounce call!

BRZV – 13% in intraday, simplistic, standard gains.

TRON – 20% Seems to just be getting started.

GRNE – 40% Opened at .0005 and hit a high of .0007

If you were to have hypothetically put $5,000 in each of these companies on the day of our profile, you could have potentially accumulated over $12,950 in gains! That’s with only putting a maximum of $5,000 into each and NOT compounding gains!

That would leave one with $17,950, or 259% increase!

What we try and illustrate here is that we are bringing immense potential to the table here. Our actual DD and timeliness offer not only amazing insights into undiscovered companies, but also yield the potential for some Actual Gains.

Even just a small fraction of these plays would be way better than a bank could do in 20 years!

We’re excited that we’ve been able to bring you yet another rock-solid, Actual Month!

And if you check out below…you can see May is already doing even better!

And….we haven’t even unleashed Friday’s Sub Penny Play Yet….


2012 Track-Record

Current Month: May

NASV – 177% in momentuous potential!

KRMC – 150% This was ACTUALLY possible and it was liquid at both levels!

XCHC – 10% is being fair. Really 22% on the day!

March: Gives 196% in Total Gains. Proof

February: Gives 627% In Total Gains. Proof

January:  Gives 285% In Total Gains. Proof