Who’s ready for the future? We have it in 30 minutes!

    Next Alert:  30 Minutes Away!   Guys, here’s a reminder that our alert is coming in 30 minutes! This company works in a sector of the tech industry that is quite possibly the most rapidly exploding market we can think of. The best part is that this company has done what all the […]

Friday went for 50% — We have a TRIED and TRUE Winner for Tomorrow Morning

    Next Alert:  Tomorrow at 9:30am EST   First off, Congratulation on Friday! Our hidden game was able to show 50% in intraday trading.   We are definitely keeping out eyes on that one. A 1:30 market value to revenue ratio is too insane not too.   Speaking of hidden gems, we have a […]

CSSV – This company’s market value is 1/30th of its revenue. Insane.

    Today’s Alert:  CSSV — Caspian Services, Inc.   ————————————————————–   First things first. Read these 2 Key points about CSSV CSSV reported in their 10-K that as of January 5, 2015 they had 197 stockholders of record holding 52,657,574 shares of our common stock. With a price below .02, that means the company’s market […]

.02pps and $30M Revenue

    Next Alert:  30 MINUTES!   ————————————————————–   GET READY! Short and simple. We’ve found a company trading for .02 that has $30M in revenue! This could be amazing. Next Alert:  30 MINUTES!     ————————————————————–   The fastest, newest way to see our reports is to text “MarketMovers” to the number 97000. Standard msg rates […]

Stop Everything. We’ve got you with tomorrow’s Momentum Alert!

    Next Alert:  Tomorrow morning at 9:30am EST   ————————————————————–   We were genuinely excited for this morning’s alert! The potential was all there and it even started off well into the green for what looked like a promising day. However, it ended up going red.    That’s our first bust in over 15 of […]

UOMO is Unleashed! This Sub-Penny worked with Rihanna, Bieber, and More!

    Today’s Alert:  UOMO – Uomo Media, Inc.   ————————————————————–     Let’s start off by saying that the last trade on UOMO was at .0045. A mere $70 made it move 12.5%. With a pps like and a history of easy movements, UOMO could quite possibly be today’s largest mover in the market. With that, be […]

oOoO This is gonna be good! 30 minutes away!

    Today’s Alert:  30 MINUTES AWAY!     ————————————————————–   Here we are! This is going to be our one-and-only alert this week, so we’ve made sure to make it worth your while. In 30 minutes you better be glued to your screens, because this one is set to be about as impressive as it gets! […]