Thursday 42124 Fast Moving Stocks (CGRA) (NGCG) (FNMA) (BAA) (ECIG)

Looking for the hottest penny stocks? (CGRA) (NGCG) (FNMA) (BAA) (ECIG) are the most important according to our sources!

SPYR trading at High of Day on Huge Volume!

    Today’s Alert:  SPYR — SPYR, Inc.   ————————————————————–   Good afternoon subscribers!   Take a look at the email we sent you earlier today(we’ve included it below). You’ll see just how excited we were were about SPYR. Well, our excitement was warranted! If you look at SPYR right now, you’ll see that its […]

1.5M in Revenue. A Blue-Sky Chart. Actual Assets. Say Hello to SPYR.

    Today’s Alert:  SPYR — SPYR, Inc.   ————————————————————–   Good morning subscribers!   We’ve caught wind of one of the most actual companies we’ve ever profiled. We don’t want you to get lost on all their amazing credentials and miss out on the potential blue sky-breakouts that could be ahead, so go ahead and […]

Don’t you dare pay attention to any other ticker today.

    Next Alert:  30 MINUTES AWAY!   ————————————————————–   Good morning everyone!   Take this seriously: don’t pay attention to any other stock this morning than what we are about to bring to you! This is ACTUAL.   Volume has been RUSHING into this tiny company and its currently trading at its highest price in […]

breakout?! This one surprised even us.

    Next Alert:  Tomorrow at 9:30am EST   ————————————————————–   Greetings all!   How did you enjoy yesterday’s 9% movement, followed by a gap-up this morning?!   That’s what we do here.   We’ve been on quite the roll, lately.   Fortunately, we’ve found a tiny company that has been on a rall as […]

Here’s three amazing reasons why LSDC is today’s hottest stock

    Today’s Alert:  LSDC — Landstar Development Group, Inc ————————————————————–   Man oh man! Do we have a treat in store for our subscribers today!   We’d like to focus our alert today on the following:   Technical Indicators are indicating the potential for a 100% reversal! News last week shows the company has […]

30 minutes. Actual Company. Real Technicals. Timely Catalysts

    Next Alert:  TODAY at 9:30am EST ————————————————————–     We can hardly wait the 30 minutes to bring you our new alert! Why so much excitement and lack of patience?   Well, that’s because this company, and its stock, are in a beautiful position that centers around the following components:   A chart […]