CYCA (Cytta Corp.) Has A Deal With AT&T And No One Knows…Yet.

Happy Sunday All!

We’re sure the big game has your attention, but once your eyes get unglued from the wings…you’re fortunately going to be entranced by a new attention grabber: CYCA.

What do we have here?

In out last email, we showed you how an 8-K can propel penny stocks over 500% in a just a few days. See what we’re talking about with a recent 8-K runner HERE.

CYCA happens to have just released an 8-K with information that is readily available to the public, but due to the lack of a PR, yet, the content of that information has slipped under the radar, until now.

Before we get all excited, let’s show why we look for plays like this in the first place. We’ve prepared an information article on exactly why and how 8-Ks come to our attention and the ways in which they can provide “early” trading opportunities for those with a keen eye, or AG followers. We wrote an articles speaking directly to this situation here:  What is an 8-K? How Can We Profit From Them?

Now, what if we told you we found one those situations we described (where a company releases amazing news, under the radar via an 8-K) ? Well, we did. It’s bigger than we thought possible! Almost feels like we’ve stumbled across a field of hidden gems!

From CYCA’s latest 8-K, out last week:

The “Company’s Board ratified an executed Wireless Machine to Machine Communications Agreement with ATT Mobility II, LLC on behalf of its affiliates AT&T or AT&T Mobility (herein AT&T) pursuant to the terms of which Cytta agrees to purchase from AT&T and AT&T agrees to sell to Cytta wireless service for use … on AT&T’s Wireless Network. 

That’s right. CYCA has a deal with these guys:

CYCA is trading at .0013 and they just inked business with one of the largest companies in the world. That’s something that could really cause for some momentous trading activity. Right? Well, luckily, they released this information via an 8-K, where it was overlooked, due to the lack of a reaction. However, we think this could change quickly. Imagine if this information went viral via a simple PR from the company.

We are letting all our followers know of this information without all the digging that was involved. Shortly, this information could spread and cause a serious reaction in the market. Everyone could want to be a part of a sub-penny company that i hashing out deals with this Telecom giant!


This alert is just as easy as that! A sub-penny has a deal with a corporate giant and no one knows about it yet! Doesn’t get any easier!

However, we wanted to share some info about CYCA and how much this news promises a bright future for the company.

The words from the CEO speak fiercely to the success of the company thus far and goes into depth regarding their latest marketable item, Cytta Connect.

We strongly suggest this read HERE for putting into scope the importance and milestone for CYCA in their AT& dealings. 

Basically, this slide summarizes CYCA ‘s technology and it is this technology that AT&T is allowing the use of their services for.


This type of technology is HUGE for the health-care industry. Monitoring and storing patient information from a distance is vital for identifying health-complication problems sneaking up on patients. It also avoids costly false alarms. 

The idea is brilliant. AT&T is a big name to get involved, but it seems rightfully so due CYCA ‘s need for a smart phone provider. Could CYCA have iPhone syncs soon? Could this be the next big medical device? 

It certainly seems as though CYCA is on the right track here. The idea could take off and all the puzzle pieces are there, hinting at the potential for success, but not until now has it seemed as though its gotten the attention it deserves.

In closing, CYCA seems to not only have an amazing idea that could revolutionize and personalize the health-care industry in many ways, but they have the technical support of one of the biggest names in the business, AT&T. 

Best part? The party hasn’t started yet, and we could be the first ones there. 





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