CYCA Rallies 65% . Doing Your Homework Pays Off. Mid-Day Level II Screenshots Inside.

It brings us such great happiness to report to you that CYCA went nuts this morning!

Opening at .0014 and steadily, and with a dire sense of Actuality, went on to hit .0021. That’s 50% in gains, just from the open!

CYCA showed 65% today in increases from Friday’s close. 

We really knew that doing your homework can pay off in big ways. Today, CYCA proved us right! We told you we were going to be kicking off February with serious gains after out 285% gains in January. And sure enough, our 8-K research gave you the head’s up you subscribe for and rewarded smart traders with massive gains.

We were happy to do the digging for everyone here and happy to bring profits to all!

Check in on our DD and 8-K explanation HERE 

This brings us utmost happiness, and by the looks of the Level II, it could bring traders even more happiness, with a dip now in place. Bids are also looking strong and the ask looking thinner. See for yourself with the Level II screen shot we have provided below

We’ll be excited to add CYCA to our track-record end of day and hope for a continuation of this momentum, which has already rewarded traders with an ACTUAL 50%. 





2012 Track-Record Starting With $5,000


ASFX – 0% thus far. Still on watch for a move from the chart.

January Gives 285% In Total Gains. $5,000 to $19,000: Proof