What’s More Actual Than Revenue? We Don’t Know, But GATA Has Plenty.

Happy Saturday All!

First off, congrats on the minimum of 10% that traders were able to book on Friday because of our heavy watch-list on ITNS. We know when and how to call ITNS like clockwork, now. Congrats on that. We had a very eventful week, with gains almost all week! We were happy to end on a great note and continue our obvious momentum right into next week….

We told you we’d found a pick worthy of a whole-weekend long alert, and GATA could take the whole weekend in order for us to adequately express all the motivating factors for why Monday could be huge for GATA.

Do you remember our last revenue based alert? It was GRNE, which rallied over 200% on our alert once the word about their revenues got out.

Well think about what we saw there and then think about the fact that GATA has almost a 4700% higher revenue than GRNE.

That gets you thinking….if GRNE reported those numbers and we featured it as our play and now GATA has numbers that literally shatter those, and we are making it a weekend alert….just how amazing could Monday be?

Do you see where our excitement is coming from? That being said, it’s no question that GATA is our full-on, weekend-long alert for Monday so you’ll be hearing plenty more about this company, but for starters, let’s see what GATA does and how big their revenue numbers are!

Get used to this ticker and company. Get it onto your watch-lists, early.

GATA – Groupe Athena, Inc.


The DD behind GATA is what made us get excited and decide to feature this company. A lot of companies can have revenue(albeit not as substantial and amazing as GATA), but few can do it in such a manner that speaks to prestige and excellence in the way that GATA does.

Have a device that needs FDA approval? GATA will help get you there.

This might not be a big deal to the average person, but for companies that need FDA approval for their products, it’s the biggest deal they could ever imagine. That’s why in the past six months, GATA has booked in over 12M$ in revenue. Yes. 12M$ and this is trading under a dollar. This is an international company that brings in revenue from all over the world and they are trading at .5! 

The best part is that the company has their act together financially as well! As we said before, it’s amazing, but normal to bring it revenue, but to have a green balance sheet is infinitely harder. But, GATA is making it happen, in a big way. See exactly what we’re talking about in this press release below:

Do you see that highlighted part? That is almost EVERYTHING that traders want in an Actual play. We couldn’t believe what we were reading and are in shock, when thinking about the potential that Monday could have for this

We just wanted to give you a little taste of what GATA is bringing to the table. Read that highlighted part over and over again and you’ll see just why we are featuring this company so strongly! This is a very rare situation and it’s only a single piece of the pie. Look for our emails the rest of the weekend as we expand on what makes GATA such a strong alert.

You’ll be shocked to see that GATA gets even more actual than this….and we thought this was way more than enough to warrant an alert.



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