GOOG (Google, Inc.) All I Care About Right Now Is The MACD And The Common Trader’s Psychology

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I’d like to illustrate everything I care about concerning $GOOG right now. 

This MACD is forming after a massive gap down due to slight earnings miss (that were still aan increase, just missed analysts slightly) and that GOOG was looking overbought.

Now we have this MACD curling, combined with a psychological bounce and gap-down fill. “Google must be cheap now”, many are probably thinking. Except, they aren’t. They are scared by the gap down and earnings miss. I look to the chart. It shows me everything I need for this particular situation.  I think about the long term and not to be crude…but this defines Buy The Fucking Dip.

I am long 700 strike calls, June expiration.

That’s how I like to trade, most times. Simple. Common Sense. Technical.