GRDC – See Why We Are Drooling

Welcome to the world of GRDC. It’s a fascinating journey, where you can see everything we were excited about.

Here they all are in an easy to access format, so you get all the facts quick;y and can, in turn, see how GRDC trades.

GRDC is our Friday alert, giving exposure to a very Actual Company, which contains all of the following amazing characteristics:

1- GRDC Has a Very Low Float!

With a 48.5 mil float, the market cap on this is under 1M. Under 600k$ This is amazingly low and shows that the company isn’t greedy in their purposes behind being public. This also allows for some amazing volatility as the shares can create a higher demand with the lack of supply.

See the full share structure here:


2- GRDC is Sub-Penny And Looks by the Level II that it could rally in a strong fashion! See the Level II and pps here:

Our sub-penny alerts that have had Level IIs that look even remotely similar to this have had a history of running 100% +

Imagine GRDC tallying above that .0105! That would be well over 200% in gains from the opening price!


3- GRDC has positive revenues! 

This is incredibly rare for a sub-penny company, especially one trading as low as .003. We are actually in a kind of disbelief that we were able to find such an amazing recipe for momentum that also included an Actual company with Actual Revenues!

As you can see below, their balance sheet shows increased growth over the past few quarters of its reporting! This is amazing and everything that investors want to see, right?! You can view their full Quarterly report HERE, but we’ve taken a screen shot of our favorite part below:


4- GRDC Is As Actual As They Come And….operates at the junction of two of the hottest sectors on wall street!


If this isn’t the cherry on top, we don’t know what is. With a company like this, operating in an exciting and growing field only does wonders for an already successful operation! Read more about what GRDC does below

We think this video provides some amazing commentary on what exactly GRDC does (which is quite brilliant by the way).

GRDC could come to amazing solutions for the energy crisis with their “Smart Grid”, which allows users to almost recycle their unused energy instead of letting it dissipate.

Below is a section of their website. we’d like for you to read it over so you can see just how amazingly ACTUAL this all is!


Grid Cloud Solutions Inc. (OTC:GRDC) is a consolidation of highly specialized personnel who offer a unique range of tools and skilled services for the complete deployment of Community-Based Energy Development (C-BED) projects, and Real-Time Energy Management (RTEM) systems.

With operations in Vienna, Austria, the company recently established offices in Toronto and Sault St. Marie Ontario, to meet the needs of North America’s fastest growing Renewable Energy (RE) market.

Divided into three divisions, the Grid Cloud model provides innovative solutions for the Development, Monitoring & Management and Security of Renewable Energy systems.

  • 1

    The “Energy Development Division (EDD)” focuses on the ontogeny of large-scale, community based RE projects including solar, biomass, wind, hydro-electric and gasification. These preliminary, independently or jointly owned future power producing plants are advanced into various stages of maturity before ownership is either transferred to vested partners or merchandised to other associates.

    The EDD extends a variety of contracted consulting services to other Renewable Energy developers including:

    • Environmental Impact Studies (EIS), measuring the potential effects future RE parks may have on the features and functions of natural environments and ‘remnant’ ecosystems. (mandated by most governments before PPA’s are granted, and/or site construction may begin)


  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services, offering Contract Negotiations, Calculations, Engineering, Logistics, Budget Planning, Time Management, Labor Management and Purchasing related services.
  • 2

    The “Energy Monitoring Division (EMD)” offers various digital technologies that form an electronic network, monitoring energy output and managing energy input, establishing the company as a long-term contract service provider.

    The EMD specializes in the monitoring of energy produced and/or consumed using a series of two-way digital communications. The instantaneously processed data is used to stabilize, thus increase the energy output of utility scale RE power generating facilities and/or is used to decrease the amount of electricity consumed in large commercial buildings and/or participating communities. Therefore, Grid Cloud’s progressive, socially responsible systems increase associated clean power producers’ revenues, reduces associated energy consumers’ costs, while increasing reliability and energy transparency for all.

  • 3

    The Power Plant Security (PPS)” division specializes in supplying and installing complete RE power plant security systems, including 24/7 monitored perimeter and interior intrusion detection devices, insuring uninterrupted power generation to project owners (minimizing risk of down time) and other potential associated liabilities.


Do you really need any more?

Those 4 combinations above serve as ingredients for what we think could be an insanely momentous day. Not only do we have a company worthy of a spotlight due to their actuality and positiv revenues, but we can see quick, intense, momentous gains due to the share structure and price.

GRDC is the reason why people play stocks of this price! This is a hidden gem and we are so happy to be bringing it to the table first!




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VNTH50% from open to high.

SPAH30% from open to high.

CYCA- 50% from open to high. $5,000 to $7,500 

ASFX – 0% thus far. Still on watch for a move from the chart

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