GRDC Rallies 200% From The Open. Oh…We Have More. Read Up.

Well Well Well…..

When we get THAT excited…we deliver! 

Our trained eyes were able to find a company as amazing as GRDC that could also give traders the amount of excitement they love to see. See our full alert on GRDC HERE

We also said that we wanted to bring you enough excitement for 2 trading days, since the market will be closed Monday. We delivered almost too well! 

GRDC rallied from .003 opening price to a high of .009! That’s 200%, which is our best gainer this year! 

To top it all off, for our Twitter followers, we called the bottom of a dip and another rally for another 75% + in gains!

We really couldn’t be any happier when a company gets the attention it deserves and traders that can identify a good company get rewarded. That all happened today and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Congrats to all!

Miss out? Want More?

We’ve got it!

Not only do we have high hopes for QUMI, which was up another 4% today(just give her some time!), but we have an AMAZING play to start off next week!

That’s right, we have another alert on Tuesday that could really rocket!

“The guys that brought you GRDC have another pick coming this weekend!”

Imagine the excitement building for this alert if that’s what traders are going to be saying all of this long weekend!

This play is gaining momentum and is recently off of highs and we have timed this alert perfectly for what looks like is a perfect alert point! We are very excited by the DD this company has to offer and can’t wait to bring it to the table.

We’ll have a new alert this weekend that should continue this hot streak we’ve been going strong with the past few months!

However, in the meantime….ENJOY THE GRDC 200% GAINS and



2012 Track-Record Starting With $5,000


GRDC – 200% in liquid, serious, momentous gains! .003 open to .009 high

QUMI4%  so far, but remaining on watch for more

GLDN-5%. Pretty much trading sideways, but we will not claim gains or breakevens.

EGOC88% in easy intraday gains from the open!

VNTH50% from open to high.

SPAH30% from open to high.

CYCA- 50% from open to high. 

ASFX – 0% thus far. Still on watch for a move from the chart

January:  Gives 285% In Total Gains. $5,000 to $19,000: Proof