HHGI (Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc.) – This Volatile Penny Play Has Had A Five Fold Revenue Increase

Today’s company has several ‘Actual’ factors we want you to keep in mind while reading through our writeup below:

  • HHGI have revenue-positive properties (yes revenue is unbelievable for a stock trading at only .015)
  • HHGI have recently experienced a 5 fold increase in revenue from specific markets just last year!
  • The last time we alerted this HHGI, we saw a 1150% rise in pps over time!

Before we get deeper into the DD, let us start with this question.

How would you like your next special event to be held here?:

Pretty snazzy right? Well, we aren’t the only ones attracted to this. Come to find out, our new company on alert does nothing but find places like THIS! AND…there is a huge clientele base coming to them, giving them tons of business. 

They find incredible locations, like the one above (from Hawaii) and preserves the natural beauty there and allows for events to be held there. 

Let’s get into how this company has eloquently combined the human need for aesthetic pleasure with ample opportunities for gatherings!

Thus, we present our alert for Friday:

HHGI – Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc. 

HHGI covers all spectrums of hospitality, both ABOVE and BELOW sea level. 

If you have an event and want to go all out, HHGI seems to be the most beautiful way to go.

HHGI is an eco-engineering and business services company founded in August 2007. It employs innovative approaches to land use that generate profitable enterprises while ensuring the protection of the environment.

The Company specializes in identifying, designing, and operating public and private sites suitable for environmental and commercial revitalization. Utilizing Public/Private Partnerships (PPPs), HHGI is able to effectively offer solutions that are appealing in both economic and ecological terms.

In addition to its role in land use initiatives and real estate development projects, HHGI is also a huge up-and-comer in the local hospitality industry. HHGI is the parent company of three important business arms: Loulu Palm Estate, Inc.; 21st Parallel Catering and Events, Inc.; and Submersible Technical Services, Inc.

Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc.’s core objective is to deliver innovative land use solutions that will generate sizable income from concessions with the smallest ecological footprint – implies a significant opportunity, particularly with the assistance of these parallel subsidiaries.

That’s right…HHGI has your event COVERED! The best part is that it’s in an eco-friendly way, and still offers naturally beautiful and exciting opportunities for once in a lifetime events!

What do we mean?

Well..not only could your event be here:

but it can go here, as well:

And oh..they have the catering covered as well!

This is ALL done and available through HHGI‘s subsidiaries. Due to their impressive, extensive info, you can find more info about the exact services available from these subsidiaries here.

Meaning, for a huge event, HHGI doesn’t need to hire out, thus lowering their expenses and increasing their profit margin exponentially!

This all seems like a great idea for a company, but is it working?

YES! The Customer Reviews are simply amazing!

Their subsidiary was awarded with The Knot’s 2011 Best of Weddings. The Knot is the nation’s leading wedding website and also includes national and local magazines, books and TV shows. 

And, to the juicy stuff…Just last year, HHGI experienced a five (5) fold increase in Australian and Canadian corporate and wedding bookings from this time last year.

Their sites are revenue positive and had more than 100 bookings last year and the company is very, very ambitious towards an even more packed new year!

Does it take much more than that?

HHGI has an incredible idea that is working out very well! 

They are capitalizing on nature and doing it in a respectful, eco-friendly way.

And oh, by the way…this company likes to run, as seen by our last alert on the company.

Friday’s trading session could get really exciting as investors find out about this company that we’ve just portrayed in an undeniably positive light! Those numbers may have slipped other investors by, but not us! That’s why we are bringing it your way, so that these numbers don’t pass you by as well!

Their numbers run and their stock runs! That’s what we like to see!

Could HHGI‘s trading session on Friday score big for investors? Could the volatility land traders with enough actual gains to have their event at one of these places? We know you want to go!

ENJOY HHGI we’ll be wishing we were here:


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