$LGOV. It was us. It was potentially life-changing. Congratulations!

Wow. Just WOW.

Our alert on $LGOV went as high as 4566%today!

AND it closed at closed up 1300%

There’s no doubt that this was the HOTTEST stock in the market today.
Additionally, there were bounces to be had, as we called via Twitter.
You got this alert when it was not even trading yet!
That’s the definition of ACTUALLY making money in penny stocks!

This goes to show the power of the AG Community. Especially Inner Circle.
Inner Circle was FIRST to see the ticker, via the private chat.

Note the time:

Inner Circle, as a community, was able to rake in the biggest profits AND help the Actual Gains community to join them in the winner’s circle!

See what Inner Circle Member Dave Nyugen had to say about his trade today!

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Even though $LGOV was a big enough winner for a month, we still have a lot more on watch! Here’s our watch-list:

$HHGI – We brought eyes to this stock today. We are waiting for a break of .0012, which is the 6 month high for this stock. Once past that, the progress forward could become parabolic.

$SKGO – we alerted this at .0009 and it went quickly up to .0012. While it seems many may have flipped this, the DD on why we alerted it is strong. We alerted because, just like with $SSOL and $GSRE, we stumbled upon a site that had some info that IS public, but has yet to hit wires. Read here: http://bit.ly/gwDbdZ This shows that $SKGO may have secured financing to finalize it’s merger! This is definteily one to keep on watch.

$XNRG- you know we’ve been on this since .13, and we are almost at a 100%increase in PPS. We are STILL on news watch and awaiting some more updates from the company. The uptrend is strong and made new highs today!

That’s about it for tonight!

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Hope all is well. Don’t spend your $LGOV money all in one place!