Market Closed Today, But We’ll Be Working On Tonight’s Emerging, Explosive Alert

Morning all!

Just a friendly reminder that the market is closed today in honor of President’s Day.

However, the more important reminder is….

“The guys that brought you GRDC(Friday’s 200% Alert!) have another pick coming tonight!”

All weekend long we’ve been getting new subscribers to our emails and are now at a record high!

Also, we have carefully selected a company that just released news that puts their brand into the eyes of almost ALL OF AMERICA. 

Showered with the “star treatment”, this stock could garner as much attention from the investment community, as their brand has in the public and celeberity eye.

We are extremely excited and motivated by the DD here, but even more so excited about the excitement that it could stir once traders get a spotlight of just how affluent this branding is becoming. We’re talking BIG names and BIG events involved in the marketing of this company’s products and services. So big that everyone reading tonight’s email will recognize the names!

That being said, enjoy the day off as we get hard to work on:



2012 Track-Record Starting With $5,000


GRDC – 200% in liquid, serious, momentous gains! .003 open to .009 high

QUMI4%  so far, but remaining on watch for more

GLDN-5%. Pretty much trading sideways, but we will not claim gains or breakevens.

EGOC88% in easy intraday gains from the open!

VNTH50% from open to high.

SPAH30% from open to high.

CYCA- 50% from open to high. 

ASFX – 0% thus far. Still on watch for a move from the chart

January:  Gives 285% In Total Gains. $5,000 to $19,000: Proof