Tuesday 2/3/2015 Fast Moving Stocks (MINE) (FNMA) (ECIG)

We hope all of our readers and visitors are having a profitable Tuesday. As always, we must start off with one of the day’s biggest movers, Minerco Resources, Inc. (MINE). So far today MINE has traded over 33481435 shares, slightly below its 30 day average volume. The stock opened at 0.01 this morning. MINE is now sitting at 0.01 as we type this. The latest press release from MINE is: Minerco’s Level 5 Places VitaminFIZZ(R) in NYC Gristedes Supermarkets. Investors will surely be watching MINE over the next few days.

Another fast moving stock is Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA). As we monitor FNMA, we’ve watched over 12632560 shares trade today, which is greater than its 30 day average volume of 2293040. The last PR traders have seen from FNMA reads: Fannie Mae and its Lenders Finance $28.9 Billion in Multifamily Loans in 2014.

Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. (ECIG) has also caught the attention of daytraders today. ECIG is currently trading at 0.05. So far the stock has traded 4833379 shares, slightly under its 30 day average volume of 10106400.


Relevant Headlines:

Minerco’s Level 5 Places VitaminFIZZ(R) in NYC Gristedes Supermarkets

Fannie Mae and its Lenders Finance $28.9 Billion in Multifamily Loans in 2014

Fresh Press Coming From Several Cannabis Related Companies


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