New CYCA Details Make This Ready For Some MoMo

Morning Everyone!

The buzz for our new momentum plays, CYCA has seriously exploded.

Why wouldn’t it? The company is amazing and their latest 8-K, featuring talks of deals with AT&T has gone unnoticed, until now.

All the popular message boards are getting hit heavy with new traders interested in CYCA.

CYCA themselves even started tweeting, addiing extra buzz to the playing field! This jsut happened overnight, so this open could really have a strong reaction to company involvement. They have said their little company is growing and this deal with AT&T is really a landmark deal for them!

As traders find out what we all already know, AG followers can get ready for what looks to be a promising and momentous open!

This could be one of the most volatile and intense runners of the week.

We saw this very same situation give rise to an 800% run last week. Can this CYCA situation create the same reaction? The AT&T news is even better than the news that let last week’s 8-K runner move that high. 

See our logic. See our math. See our DD. All our signs point to a massive run from CYCA today. Check our full alert and information on 8-Ks in general, HERE

We are looking for a break of resistance of .0013! It’s the 200DMA and a break of that would signal tehcnical traders to a potential bullish rally! Breaking that .0013 resistance could be crucial and is what we will be considering support in a hopeful break!

Here’s a chart for your reference:





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ASFX – 0% thus far. Still on watch for a move from the chart.

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