New Sub-Penny, Low-Float Alert Tomorrow Morning!

Greetings all.

You know by now that we like to keep things honest here.

$CGFIA definitely wasn’t our best alert. While it hasn’t represented any losses thus far, it hasn’t performed as well as we would have liked thus far.
It seems as though there was a lot of unexpected selling, that we could have never foreseen.
We did our DD, we found an Actual Company, and while we don’t regret bringing it to your attention, we are ready to move our attention onto a new one!

Also… $EVSI was hitting around .83 today, which represents over 30% gains for us! Was nothing short of an ACTUAL Alert.

We’ve been winning so consistently, that it’s almost been absurd! With one small dip, we are ready to take vengeance on the market and get to what we do best!

As you can see by the time of this email, we’ve been spending a lot of time researching new stocks, so we can bring a winner to the table tomorrow.

That being said, we’ll have a NEW SUB-PENNY, LOW-FLOAT Alert TOMORROW MORNING!

This one is set up just how we like it!

It reminds us a lot of our $BGNN alert which was good for 100% within the first 40 minutes of trading!

Expect our alert in your inbox, with DD, an Annotated Chart, and great links around 8:30am



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