Now That QUMI Has Proven It’s Actuality, Get Ready For What’s Next For QUMI

Not only have we proven ourselves to subscribers by delivering EASY, realized gains this morning on QUMI after the technical rally, but QUMI has also proven itself with news and awareness!

Here at Actual Gains, you know we like to stress TWO different types of plays that can be made of the same alert.

The first is the technical trade and hype, which QUMI has already rewarded traders for.

The second is the confirmed trend and the continued Actuality portrayed by the company.

Therefore, if you were able to already make some good money on QUMI, then congrats! But, the time has now come again!

If you just watched QUMI go by the first time, then get ready for what’s next. We are putting QUMI on as high alert as possible for Tuesday.

We’ve already proven that QUMI can provide easy 20% in swing trades. That again would be amazing, but this time…we are looking to make 20% look like chump change. 

Basically, we are ready for Round II on QUMI starting tomorrow, which is why we have it on HIGH ALERT all over again. Are you ready for another ride? Can we beat this previous ride? People that already saw the potential…get ready to see more. The people that think they missed it, get ready…we may not have another chance for QUMI like this again! Check out what we’re talking about with the chart

This is an exciting opportunity for QUMI. Those that took advantage of our alert Friday saw the chart build all day Friday and then come to a nice pop this morning, for 20%! However, throughout the trading session today, QUMI retracted a bit.

But…here’s where we come in..QUMI MADE HIGHER LOWS! This is huge for technical reversals. And as we proved before, QUMI was giving all the signs of a technical reversal, but now, through more days of trading, we have technical signs of a confirmation of this reversal! Check the chart to see both how we were right about QUMI the first time and how after tomorrow, these levels could be behind us, considering the confirmation is in!

Now, let’s get into more details about how not only the chart for QUMI has gotten better, but so has the company and it’s investor awareness!

Just as we hinted towards, QUMI saw massive exposure today, which was complimented by intense trading volume. The interest is definitely picking up and making huge strides at forming an impressive chart!

As investors were getting busy finding out about QUMI, QUMI was getting way busier. See today’s headline and tell us you are not impressed:


DataJack Announces Significant Online Sales Growth

January’s Sales up 93% Over December’s Annualized Online Sales Rate Exceeds $1M Per Year

If that’s not growth…we don’t know what is! This company is bringing in some serious revenues now! 

This news just came out today and could have a huge effect on the chart building that we’ve been seeing!


We were so inspired by QUMI and that mailer, that we went through and took some notes for everyone, emphasizing just what is so amazing about this company that seems to be just getting started! We’ve shared these notes below:


Making mobile broadband (MiFi) available to everyone DataJack provides portable Internet access to millions of tablet, e-reader and laptop users. It uses a portable hardware unit that connects you to the Internet—just like AT&T and Verizon. And the data travels over Sprint’s high speed broadband network. Even better this service is a fraction of the price offered by AT&T, Verizon and the other Telecom Giants. Plus, there are…
  • NO contract
  • NO credit check
  • NO activation fee
  • NO cancellation fee
And the company’s not using some unreliable, rinky-dink broadband network. Instead, DataJack has a contract through QuamTel with Sprint to provide its customers with reliable coverage over Sprint’s wireless network.
Sweeter still – DataJack is able to do this for just $9.99 a month. Take a look at what the Giant Telecoms are selling their units for… 
  • Virgin Mobile Novatel 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot—$149
  • Verizon Novatel 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot—$269.99
  • AT&T Novatel Wireless Mobile Hotspot—$299.99
But DataJack offers the EXACT same MiFi unit as Verizon for just $89.99 – a savings of 
almost $200!
A Breakthrough in toll-free service for consumers and businesses worldwide QuamTel’s 800.comdivision is introducing the first big breakthrough in toll-free 800 numbers since the service first began!
Its features include…
  • Toll-free service to 195 countries
  • No contract
  • No monthly service fee
  • Only pay for actual usage
  • Fax service 
  • Voice mail 
  • Auto attendant offering custom greetings in over 100 languages
To date, approximately 40 million toll-free numbers are set-up in the U.S. alone with over 
29 million in use.
And now with NO contract and NO monthly service fee, you can bet the farm many of these companies (and individuals) will consider as their next toll-free service provider.
When you look at QuamTel, Inc., you can see a company with remarkable potential. At just 50 cents a share, it could reach $3.00 by this time next year. Here’s a quick review of the 7 concrete reasons:
  1. Solid foundation: It’s a healthy, low-debt company with revenues of $2 million in 2011 ending with two quarters of consecutive growth.
  2. Great products, pricing and benefits:QuamTel’s $9.99 DataJack MiFi broadband service is the lowest-priced in the industry with NO contract, NO credit check, No activation fee and NO cancellation fees.
  3. Profitable partnership with Sprint: A strong partnership with industry giant Sprint and the use of their high-speed nationwide broadband network.
  4. Booming sector: The fast-growing wireless device industry AND the demand for mobile broadband virtually doubling every year.
  5. Breakthrough 800 service: QuamTel’s low-cost, NO contract, pay-as-you-go global 800 toll-free service from
  6. Soaring demand: An aggressive marketing campaign that could put QuamTel’s unique low-cost, high-quality services in front of every business and consumer in America.
  7. Top-notch management: And QuamTel’s highly experienced and tech-savvy management team with a proven track record of success.

Yes. This .55 priced stock has multiple revenue sources, which according to today’s news are making serious progress!

It’s rare. We know. Why do you think we are emphasizing it over and over.

And of course, not only is it in a timely manner(before that mailer really hits the streets), but its at a time when volume is really starting to come in and make for a ton of ample trades for investors!

With that we leave you with the reminder that QUMI has already proven itself and now has gifted the non-believers another chance and those that already saw it coming, another potential helping!




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