NXOI – A Sub Penny, At Support, With A Low Float. Almost Too Much Potential.

Good Morning All!

By the looks of it, today could be a very exciting day!

You know we love the concept of “combination alerts”, where we are motivated by not just one factor, but by multiple aspects of a company and the resulting combination of motivations all at once!

Usually, just one factor on its own will be enough to warrant an alert, but when they come in combination with other factors that would also be great on their own….we have an amazing recipe, which typically seems destined for success.

That being said, our combination alert (Low-Float, Sub-Penny, Bottom-Bouncer) which could be a recipe for serious, momentous action right out of the gate this morning is…

NXOI – Next 1 Interactive, Inc.

The first factor we want to look at is the technical one. Check the chart below to see the bounce that could be imminent due to it finding support. Also, not that this could be a DOUBLE BOTTOM, where the second bottom has touched and could, and historically does, rally higher than the previous 50% run! Check out the technicals below. This shows us major potential for movement right off the bat!

Normally, a bounce with technicals like these could get momentous really quickly, independent of the share structure.

But when you take a look at the ABNORMALLY LOW FLOAT on NXOI, you’ll see that the potential for momentum just “stepped its game up”

Check it out below:

Now, last but not least, NXOI has a story that could blow you away!

Next One Interactive (NXOI) is the parent company of Next 1 Network, Next 1 Realty and Next Trip NXOI is a leading edge pioneer in interactive media and committed to innovation by creating campaign experiences that provide advertisers an excellent means of “accountable” advertising where brands and can target offers to viewers across multiple platforms while generating highly qualified leads from consumers who are seeking information on the multiple platforms NXOI provides.

NXOI is poised to emerge as a high margin new generation cable medium company, representing the convergence of TV, Video On Demand, Mobile devices and the Internet by providing multiple platforms and interactivity that allows consumers to connect with their passions on their viewing device of choice.

The company utilizes major distributors such as: Time Warner, Cox and Comcast.

CoxTime WarnerComcast

Is it possible?! Have we done it again!?

This is EXACTLY the type of company that we dream about featuring.

NXOI has a low-float, capable of exciting momentum any which way we turn.

NXOI has a chart that seems to be ready for a bounce that could be extremely accented by the low float and pps!

NXOI has ACTUAL DD with some of the largest names in interactive media!





2012 Track-Record Starting With $5,000

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AQUS-35% Bad. Just Bad.

NVNX-16% We actually regret this alert.

GATA5% so far, but not calling this one done anywhere near yet.

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PAWP - 0%  remains on watch. No gains or losses thus far, just highlighted potential.

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