$GAGI – Rumors of R/M

Guardian Angel Group, Inc. (GAGI.PK) is a company dedicated and compassionate staff at IMHCS is committed to offering clients state of the art, research based treatment services delivered with compassion, dignity and understanding. We strive to deliver the best treatment possible to each and every client while offering safe and secure treatment facilities. On Thursday […]

MOMO On January 6th! And Watch-list Updates…

Let’s check in on our watch-list: www.actualgains.com/januarygems First up was $IDEH, which we said would be great for a buy first thing in the morning and then be good for 20%. It did EXACTLY that and even better. Well done. Next is $FXPT. As we said this is a 2-day swinger, so tomorrow should hopefully bring some eyes […]

Solid Stocks that should keep our trading hands busy!

So basically, $IPRC went for a small ride this morning, but we’ll chalk it up to being basically a “spinning of the wheels” for the day. While it did move quite nicely this morning (and perhaps the profit taking was too soon), we wouldn’t feel right saying it was a success. But hey!…breaking even is […]

OIL Still Dominates This Market. Especially Now: $IPRC

An alert on $IPRC is not just an alert on a stock, it’s an alert on a sector, honed in on a timely carrier. It’s that time of life again when oil prices are steady on the rise. When is that not the time?! While we are getting bombarded on the retail end, we as […]

YES…These Gains Are ACTUALLY HAPPENING! + New Alert Tomorrow Morning at 9:35am

Well, we called it again on $QSGIQ. Up another 20%today, to make our total 60% gains on $QSGIQ. You know the DD by now, and you shold know it rings true at least until we get that Q removed! Definitely keep this one on TIGHT watch. $INOL…do we even need to say?! That was incredible… 400% and quite the […]

The Gains Keep On Coming. Still Watching: $QSGIQ and $WRIT

$QSGIQ was the cherry on top to $INOL, putting about30% right on top of 400%. Quite the unbelievable way to end the New Year. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure we’re on the only newsletter to bring 2 days of back to back gains, right before the end of the New Year! […]

$INOL Gave Us The Gains To Thrive! $QSGIQ On High Watch

$INOL could have seriously changed your portfolio. For some it could have been life changing. With our alert before 10am, and our CONTINUALLY ACCURATE bounce calls, we were able to help members record over 500% in gains! Now, after such an incredible win, you might ask yourself what now? Well…bills still exist in 2011 and so do loans and checks. […]