Goodbye 2010! Let’s Leave for 2011 In a Blazing Fury: $INOL

This message landed in subscriber’s emails at 9:45am on12/30! This is one of the best years of our lives, considering all the potential gains you could have made as a subscriber to As a gift to you, we want to end the year with a bang, Momentum style. Therefore, no more hesitation, our history […]

Wednesday Rearranged- New Pick Thursday at 10am

We alerted $AVOP which was good for (actually) .03 to .04 (even higher gains were possible)! 33%

We alerted $ARYX to accumulate on dips and said sells were suggested this morning, so .25 to .32 : 25%

We alerted $CGUD at .004 on the ask, and we saw it repeatedly hit .007 today for 75%

Wednesday Featured Alert

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Are we like anyone else? That’s a bit simpler: No. Please Read our Manifesto (link here) to see how we want to stress the fact that we care about our followers and the companies they choose to invest in. A majority of our work is done through our social media sites of Facebook and Twitter, […]

Our Technical Analysis

It’s rare to find us profiling a stock without including an Annotated Chart, like this one on AFTC. Since we like to appeal to a broad range of trading styles, we find it beneficial and informative to include tehcnical signs. These signs can greatly aid traders in determining a stock’s potential price movements. Our annotations […]

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Inner Circle is a Unique Trading Experience. With an Inner Circle subscription, investors will get a special invite to our Skype Chatroom, where we are consistently sharing trading ideas and general investment knowledge. Also, the subscription includes access to our private Inner Circle Twitter. And now for the BEST PART: Inner Circle members get the […]

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The purpose of this section will be to expand on our tweets, which aren’t based on our email campaigns. Tweet