Drop Everything. You Deserve A Sub-Penny MONSTER

    Our last alert enjoyed a 20% subtantial rally before heading red for the remainder of the day.   While that certianly BEATS THE STREET by a long shot, we tend to aim for higher level and more sustainable alerts.   You know what really paved our way as one of the more influential […]

What Starts With An F And Has Nothing To Do With Luck?

    Finding and arranging an alert like FVSTA requires serious attentiveness to the market and awareness community.   That’s why WE have been able to, without any luck, find an amazing alert AND team up with other marketing awareness groups to bring a monumental alert to the table this morning!    Today’s alert is […]

This Is What You Wait For…Big Time Alert.

    Alright…We’ve had a great summer on our hands where we’ve hand-picked alerts of various shapes and sizes. We’ve bounced. We’ve rallied, we’ve been ACTUAL.   We’ve had ours ups and downs, but just like every good company, you should be doubtful of those with a perfect track record.   That’s why we proudly […]

ETEK Has Bounce Written All Over It

  First off…massive awareness on this play over the last 12 hours adding even more fuel to to the fire that is this alert’s bounce potential! The past few days have seen a drop in price to previous support levels. If it rallies back to the other side of it’s historic channel, we could see over 100% […]

Do Double or Nothing The Right Way. With More Volume

    Today’s bottom bouncer alert was not as satisfying as we anticipated. Slow order fills caused low volume, which then caused the technicals to not come to fruition. That being said, we’ve found the perfect alert to follow up! Where today fell short, tomorrow’s alert will surely shine! Imagine today’s setup and promise but […]

Wait For It….(Then Bounce With Us!)

      Right?   We started this alert off with this chart because even an untrained eye can see just how BLATANT a BOUNCE is looking for PGVI.   Let us say this about alerts such as these:   The hardest part of technical plays is finding them in the first place. When the […]

This Is Why We Waited For The Follow Up To Our Recent Success…

    Subscribers have been asking for a follow-up to our latest 45% rally winner that skyrocketed on huge volume.   We told them to be patient because we wanted to find EXACTLY the type of ripe play that could be conducive to some actual momentum!   Just now…we found EXACTLY the reason why we […]