12/16 Premarket Watchlist

  New Alert: Coming Soon   —————————————————————-   Good morning readers and welcome new subscribers.   The penny markets have been on a un-exciting roller coaster ride lately; this season we’ve witnessed only a fraction of the big moves we saw during the summer. The broader markets hitting record high has not helped the case either!   […]

Blatant MoMo Potential. Can You Even Handle It?

  Take a look at this:   Share Structure: Market Value: $611,227 a/o Sep 06, 2013 Shares Outstanding: 9,261,017 a/o Aug 09, 2013   Crazy right? Well…it’s real according to OTCmarkets.com.   Know what it is?   It’s the insanely low outstanding share count of FSNI.   Finding a company who’s value is smaller than some […]

Momentum Monday. 9:30am.

    Well….Summer is over!   Every TRUE trader finds rejoice in that statement.   The end of summer signals increased liquidity and more frequent momentous rallies.   We were sparing with our alerts this summer because we only like to bring you the BEST.   So…we have a SPECIAL ALERT planned for tomorrow morning […]

Hanging Fruit. Get To Picking!

    You know how sub penny alerts are. Quick, fast, and most importantly EASY (if you’re subscribed to this newsletter  of course!). At .005 (our favorite price EVER btw), FDMF could be in for 100% in rally points before even touching a penny! With an alert like this, we consider it a gift to […]

Drop Everything. You Deserve A Sub-Penny MONSTER

    Our last alert enjoyed a 20% subtantial rally before heading red for the remainder of the day.   While that certianly BEATS THE STREET by a long shot, we tend to aim for higher level and more sustainable alerts.   You know what really paved our way as one of the more influential […]

What Starts With An F And Has Nothing To Do With Luck?

    Finding and arranging an alert like FVSTA requires serious attentiveness to the market and awareness community.   That’s why WE have been able to, without any luck, find an amazing alert AND team up with other marketing awareness groups to bring a monumental alert to the table this morning!    Today’s alert is […]

This Is What You Wait For…Big Time Alert.

    Alright…We’ve had a great summer on our hands where we’ve hand-picked alerts of various shapes and sizes. We’ve bounced. We’ve rallied, we’ve been ACTUAL.   We’ve had ours ups and downs, but just like every good company, you should be doubtful of those with a perfect track record.   That’s why we proudly […]