We’ve Found It! The Perfect, Actual Sub-Penny To Continue Our Winning Momentum

The market is a bit dull today. Trading is mixed across the boards and no real runners are popping up. Probably because we didn’t have an alert today! All jokes aside, we aren’t excited about too much today, aside from QUMI giving some nice rewards from the swing we talked about. We’ll call 10% on […]

SNET Continues Our Massive Winning Streak With 30%. What Now?

“Congratulations” never gets old does it? Our faithful subscribers were able to book 30% gains from the open due to our SNET alert. We pointed out support and the news and potential that the company has! What a great first day for SNET, which is one of the better companies we’ve seen in a long […]

News Just Out For SNET. Their Plan Is Working. Outstanding Buzz Growing.

Good Morning All! Last night we shared with you our excitement regarding SNET and their amazingly actual DD, which has been garnering major attention by the press, celebrities, and now investors! We also spoke to the fact that SNET is currently at “bargain” prices, compared to the recent highs (100% higher pps than the current). […]

SNET Just Did Something Major. This Is A Very Timely Alert.

Good day all! We spent all day trying to find a suitable follow-up alert to our amazing successful find of GRDC, an Actual Company that has great products and potential. Well, we found something not just as good as that, but better….and it’s SNET! Why do we think it’s better? Well, not only does SNET […]

Market Closed Today, But We’ll Be Working On Tonight’s Emerging, Explosive Alert

Morning all! Just a friendly reminder that the market is closed today in honor of President’s Day. However, the more important reminder is…. “The guys that brought you GRDC(Friday’s 200% Alert!)¬†have another pick coming tonight!” All weekend long we’ve been getting new subscribers to our emails and are now at a record high! Also, we […]

GRDC Rallies 200% From The Open. Oh…We Have More. Read Up.

Well Well Well….. When we get THAT excited…we deliver!¬† Our trained eyes were able to find a company as amazing as GRDC that could also give traders the amount of excitement they love to see. See our full alert on GRDC HERE We also said that we wanted to bring you enough excitement for 2 […]

GRDC – See Why We Are Drooling

Welcome to the world of GRDC. It’s a fascinating journey, where you can see everything we were excited about. Here they all are in an easy to access format, so you get all the facts quick;y and can, in turn, see how GRDC trades. GRDC is our Friday alert, giving exposure to a very Actual […]