You Have To See This Chart. Not To Mention The Company’s Brilliant 4G Dominance

  $VELA   Velatel Global Communications, Inc. The Hidden Chart Indicators Grabbed Our Attention But.. The $VELA DD Is Too Actual To Miss At This Point In It's Trading! Most of our successful plays come from our Technical Analysis. We have a knack for finding hidden indicators that end up signaling  huge breakouts! We just […]

Updates And Watchlist

Getting Ready For Another Exciting Week. Good Afternoon All! Just wanted to wrap up some past alerts and how they are faring for the future. $AVIX – we are still adamant about not writing this one off for a few weeks. The awareness spreading to investors could prove to cause an incredible stir in the […]

A Low Float, Potential Daily Mover To Put On Radar

Spotlight! Good Morning All. We’ve been bringing a lot of slow and steady movers to the table, several of which are awaiting certain forward looking events to materialize. While we will be summing up these plays in an extensive update this weekend, we wanted to make sure a potentially momentous mover was on your trading […]

AVIX Just Released Distribution Agreement News. They Have Stepped Up Their Game. Big Time.

$AVIX Avix Technologies, Inc. $AVIX Just Steppd Up Their Game! Good Morning All! $AVIX just released some very substantial news! We spoke in our newsletter to how $AVIX is all about turning profitable, technological ideas into profit. Makes sense…considering their CEO has done A LOT OF WORK FOR MICROSOFT! In fact…he’s been one of the […]

Actual Gains Special, Weekly Alert

$AVIX Avix Technologies, Inc. All The Ducks Are In A Row! Everyone was asking for MORE green, so let’s get right to it. $AVIX is turning into kind of a big deal. First and foremost, they are stepping up their game with a serious marketing awareness campaign. Luckily, you are finding out about this very […]

Another Great, Green Start. Updates And What’s Next. Something Special.

Let’s Keep It Up! $TOFS was our alert this morning and we saw incredible, intraday rallies of 33%! Not to mention the multiple bounce plays available throughout the day. $TOFS closed green as a great start to what looks to be a promising future, as they hinted towards in their press release from this morning! […]

TOFS Just Released Amazing, Forward Looking News

$TOFS 247MGI, Inc. This Company Is READY! $TOFS just released amazing news…speaking towards their pending merger and awaited changes in share structure. It’s this type of news that leaves investors salivating…not to mention what could happen once these events actualize. We spoke in our alert ” SEE OUR TOFS ALERT HERE about how a catalyst […]