IXEH – Our Halloween MoMo Alert!

Boo! The time has come! Everyone knows how our MoMo alerts go, so hurry up and check out our newest MoMo alert before it gets too far away. Without any hesitation we present our long awaited HALLOWEEN MoMo: IXEH IX Energy Holdings, Inc. Here is the most important and relevant info for these momentum plays: […]

Everyone Still Alive? Good. Get Ready For Our Ultimate Halloween MoMo Tomorrow!

Greetings all! Happy to see everyone is still here after the Halloween weekend. That’s a very good thing, because regardless of the tricks you encountered this weekend, we hope to be bringing you the best treat of all – A fast moving MOMO. You already know what they are like. You’ve already seen the 1000% […]

Our Candles Are About To Get Haunted. Halloween MoMo Coming Your Way.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve had a fair share of winners, like RAYS ITNS and CAMS. These combined have been good for 220% in gains. In just two weeks, that’s not a bad situation at all. We’ve had a couple alerts show some red the past two weeks as well. While the other gains […]

Penny-Breakout Alert on AEGY. Must See Chart and DD.

Tonight’s feature is undeniably breaking out! Read below.  Check the chart. See why we are on HIGH NEWS WATCH. All these factors point to AEGY being a potential heavy hitter during tomorrow’s trading session. Wednesday’s High Alert, Chart Breakout Play Is: AEGY  Alternative Energy Partners First and foremost, AEGY came to our radars after seeing […]

A Buzz Play Not To Be Missed Comes To Your Eyes Tonight

Greetings All. Today’s alert was mediocre. While not a terrible day was had and intraday profits were to be made, we like to concentrate on more heavy hitting alerts that bring undeniable, actual profits to the table. Something ilke RAYS…which is now up ver 75% since our initial alert at 1.16. Now trading at 1.89, […]

FDMF On High Alert After Strong News. FDMF Is A Historic Runner. This Could Get Interesting.

Greetings All. Sorry for the delay in receiving this email, we faced some technical issues and wanted to assure everyone received this important new alert properly. As you’ll see…it only takes a few minutes to realize the extreme potential behind FDMF. Thus, we present to you our Wednesday alert… FDMF – Freedom Energy Holdings This […]

Actual Gains To Start The Week Right. Sub Penny, Historic Superstar Up To Bat Tonight

Greetings All. We were happy to bring a strong helping of actual gains to the table yesterday. Our alert for Monday, WSML, rallied in an incredible fashion, basically making gains throughout the entire day. That’s over 20% in gains just to start the week. Recent news for WSML keeps it on our radar, as the […]