Success Again + MOMO TOMORROW at 9:40

Here we go again…another Congratulations! If $CNOZ was on our radars today, as we suggested (we did make it out spotlight play!), then you could have taken advatnage of many of the intraday plays, and be up a good 14% now! And then….Monday had $EGTK for 30% We’re already far better than any bank, in just two days! And now…as […]

$CNOZ On Spotlight – Number 1 on Our Watch-List Today

Morning All! Hope yesterday treated you well! $EGTK, which was on the top of our watch-list, closed the day with a 17.5% gain for AG members! Hopefully this is just the beginning, as the chart looks better and there is still plenty of awareness scheduled for this stock! Our watch-list continues to be on watch for the […]

Monday Watch-List!

Greetings All! Hope the weekend treated you all well. Our Friday watch-list on $RPPR, which we emphasized as our strongest pick to watch for the day, was responsible for a strong 30% in gains. $RPPR definitely continues to be on watch for any merger updates. It seems like even our watch-list alerts bring in Actual […]

Weekly Wrap Up + Watch-List For Friday

Not a bad week so far! As a quick wrap up, $CGFIA our Monday alert went to .0013 for 30%. $PRGJ our Wednesday alert, still holding it’s gains after an initial, tradeable surge on open Wednesday. We are liking the looks of this one far into next week. $FCCN really showed it’s strength today. Our […]

Great Week Thus Far + A New Alert With a Bullish Week: $FCCN

It’s been a relatively good week thus far! Today we saw $CGFIA, our alert on Monday, reached .0013, yielding 30% in gains from our alert, even more if you accumulated on the dips! Also, $EVSI finally reached it’s potential, by hitting .83, for over 30% in gains. Today’s alert on $PRGJ was just to the […]

An ACTUAL Sub-Penny With A Low Float: $PRGJ Presents: $PRGJ PRG Group, Inc. Definitely Display images for this alert! There’s a lot of content to see! There’s a whole lot to like about $PRGJ. Here’s what we like about it NOW: The Chart (Especially for today’s trading session) Is Showing Breakout Signs! $PRGJ is an Actual Company with a lot of recent, […]

New Sub-Penny, Low-Float Alert Tomorrow Morning!

Greetings all. You know by now that we like to keep things honest here. $CGFIA definitely wasn’t our best alert. While it hasn’t represented any losses thus far, it hasn’t performed as well as we would have liked thus far. It seems as though there was a lot of unexpected selling, that we could have […]