Are You Ready For a Triple-Zero?

First off..the continued gains on $LEXG are insane! Reaching a high of $2.50, that’s 138% from our $1.05 alert! Congrats!  Also, as per our calls on Twitter, awaiting the gap to fill, $FORC was good for a nice intraday 8% gain, as we walked through it on Twitter. Not bad at all, but we’re ready for more! We’re ready for […]

A Stock That Is Heating Up, And Already In A Hot Sector : $FORC presents: $FORC Force Energy Corporation The attraction on $FORC is practically exactly the same as $LEXG, however $FORC is even cheaper, and could make similar moves in an even shorter amount of time. $FORC is getting a ton of attention right now because of it’s involvement with Lithium! While Lithium was once only used to aid […]

Lithium Has Been Good To Us. New Lithium Alert Tomorrow

Happy Monday, all. Wow. $LEXG was unstoppable today! What a great way to start the spectacular week that we have planned! Remember we were actually the FIRST to alert $LEXG at $1.05. Out of anyone holding $LEXG for massive gains, AG members are the biggest % increase realizers! We prevailed and kept good faith, and it did nothing but pay […]

Continuing and Watching

Good Morning All! Just wanted to check in on a few things, and see what’s going on for the rest of the week! $IPRC our Monday alert, is now up 13%, as it is swinging upward. Nice! $CUBV seemed to be just getting started and looked like $IPRC on the first day we alerted. We are keeping […]

A Beverage Company That’s Doing Things A Bit Differently! : $CUBV presents: $CUBV Cuba Beverage Company First things first…let’s realize how large $CUBV‘s market is! Check out this article showing how affluent Energy Drinks are, and how they are growing. (This PR also adresses the health concerns on energy drinks…which $CUBV overcomes!) Additionally… 15% of of all adults in the U.S are avid drinkers of […]

Let’s Do It Again. New Alert Tomorrow Morning!

Greetings again all! Have you seen $LEXG?! I’m sure you have, cause it’s posting big gains since our $1.05 calls for entry! With $LEXG at 1.72 today, that’s 63% We ended last week strong with $FOGC, giving over 40% We started nice this week, with $IPRC, which seems to only be getting started with the 5% gains thus far. Additionally, […]

Round II: $IPRC Reminder

Morning all! Just a quick reminder email regarding our report sent out last night on $IPRC. Here is the full report, available on our website: The take away points are: A previous 70% gainer, back on alert by AG. $IPRC has reached an interpretable “bottom” News can drive this one forward once again. Oil is […]