A Retractment For AG, But Read Why We’re Optimistic

  We’ve Seen A Lot Of Gains. Recent Hesistations Will Not Be Permanent. $GTGP was nice for some day-trading opportunities today, but we’re about more substantial results here at AG. We’re talking about the type of results we’ve seen with $EIPC…our clear winner this week! There’s a reason we aren’t writing $GTGP off just yet. […]

GTGP News Just Hit The Wires

$GTGP Global Technologies Group Inc.   GTGP Already Gave Us 10% – What Could This News Bring Us ? $GTGP already gave us 10% this morning, opening at .195 and trading at .215 soon after. GTGP appears to be at day lows with strong bid support at this level. GTGP just released news several minutes […]

Can This Cool Company’s Chart Cause For Another Quadruple In Price?

$GTGP Global Technologies Group Inc.   Their Chart Is Primed. Their Science Is Incredibly Advanced. Actual To The Highest Degree! $GTGP ‘s chart with it’s under 30 mil outstanding share count could cause for a volatile, breakout-style rally! We’ve recently witnessed how technical indicators can signal us of a breakout and allow for easy gains. […]

We Did Say The Gains Were Like Clock-Work! Let’s Do It Again, Tomorrow.

m4s0n501 We Did It Again! Get Ready For More! Our alert on $HOTM was dead on! We predicted a breakout due to how primed the chart looked for a breakout, and today, $HOTM saw INTENSE volume, and a nice 16% in intraday gains…going on to hold their gains throughout the day. With the bull trend […]

This Cloud Company Has A Chart Aimed For The Clouds

$HOTM HotCloud Mobile, Inc.   This Chart Is Breaking Out As Quick As The Company! Our alert on $HOTM started out as an UNDENIABLE, BREAKOUT CHART ALERT. However, as we dove deeper into DD, we were pleasantly surprised to see that this company not only has a history of moving on technical indicators, but it […]

Gains Coming To Fruition And New, Chart Alert Coming Soon

  It’s Beginning To Feel Like Clock-Work! Greetings all. Another great day in the market for AG members! We saw $HASC get off to a great start, offering early gains of 15-20%, and holding around the alert price for a hopeful movement in the future due to the actuality of the company! It was a […]

HASC Just Released News, Further Highlighting Their Rise To The Top!

$HASC Hasco Medical, Inc.   REVENUES. Yes…It’s .03 a share!- Now With NEWS!!! Greetings! Hope everyone read through our $HASC report from last night! For those just joining us, and for those that didn’t get the chance and want to look over this ACTUAL company before the open, check out our alert: http://actualgains.com/this-healtchare-company-is-taking-over-and-making-huge-gains-while-theyre-at-it We highlighted […]