Can This MOMO Fly Like An EGIL?

$EGIL Edgetech Intl Inc.   MOMO – MOMO – MOMO – MOMO Well…It’s MOMO Time…Momentum plays concentrate on the trading potential of a particular stock. Today’s feature is $EGIL. It appears evident from all the publicly available information that EGIL has the potential for some seriously HUGE moves with any bit of trading activity.   […]

NGMC Begins It’s New Rally The Right Way. Famous MOMO Play Tomorrow

  $NGMC success once again! MOMO Play Tomorrow! Greetings all!   $NGMC is definitely a wild ride. We saw plenty of opportunities for accumulation yesterday, followed by a nice 40% green close today from yesterday’s close. 40% is the best possible gain from our alert, but it’s not entirely how everyone’s trading went. However…the potential […]

NGMC Is Positioned For Another Massive Rally. You Have It Early.

    $NGMC Next Generation Energy Corp. Our Giving Tree Is Our Money Tree! $NGMC is at it again! Greetings all! We hope you had time to read the DD on $NGMC. We sent our report to you last night so you could get an idea of the ACTUAL UPSIDE POTENTIAL here. $NGMC is regularly […]

Our Favorite Low Floater Is Primed Better Than Ever

    $NGMC Next Generation Energy Corp. Our Giving Tree Is Our Money Tree! $NGMC is at it again! The first time..we saw 100% The second time…we saw 30% And now…this time could potentially be our biggest alert on $NGMCyet! For those that missed out…For those that would like to visit the ATM again…For those just joining us… […]

Nice Actual Gains Today. Huge, Low-Float Play Coming Tonight

  GET READY FOR AN ATUAL GAINS SPECIAL! We’ve Brought The Winnings. We Are Ready For Something HUGE. We couldnt’ be happier with $ONTC ‘s action today. We alerted this at .01 on Thursday and now we are seeing over 40% in ACTUAL gains today! This is the second time $ONTC has been a big […]

Facebook, Inner Circle, and Actual Gains

Growth and Potential and Inner Circle Greetings all!   Hope the Friday trading session is treating you well.   How about this market?! 7 red weeks in a row, now.   While we’ve had a good amount of green, money making, opportunities in there, the market has been affecting everyone.   That’s why we’re revamping! […]

WSHE Update, News, And Tomorrow

 $WSHE E-Debit Global Corp. Profit For Them. Profit For Traders! I hope everyone has read our email on $WSHE If not, please check it out HERE $WSHE is seeing some nice intraday movements, as it is trading very thin, and the momentous potential is ALMOST being realized.   And now, everything about $WSHE just got […]