HASC Just Released News, Further Highlighting Their Rise To The Top!

$HASC Hasco Medical, Inc.   REVENUES. Yes…It’s .03 a share!- Now With NEWS!!! Greetings! Hope everyone read through our $HASC report from last night! For those just joining us, and for those that didn’t get the chance and want to look over this ACTUAL company before the open, check out our alert: http://actualgains.com/this-healtchare-company-is-taking-over-and-making-huge-gains-while-theyre-at-it We highlighted […]

This Healtchare Company Is Taking Over And Making Huge Gains While They’re At It

$HASC Hasco Medical, Inc.   REVENUES. Yes…It’s .03 a share! $HASC first came to our radar as a solid, actual company that does well by doing good. Here’s a quick summary of what we’re talking about: HASCO Medical (“HASC” or the Company) provides products and services that dramatically improve the quality of living for its […]

Updates, Success, and Healthcare Play Coming Tonight

Ready For Another ‘Actual’ Week? –  New Alert Tonight! Last week was on point! We had a good amount of winners, and a lot of our wathlists also progressed nicely. $EIPC, which we’ve been calling for accumulation since .015, just hit a high of .03 on Friday, realizing 100% so far in just about a […]

This Previous Spotlight Is Back, Strong With News

m4s0n501 $FOGC Is Our Money Tree. The Time Seems To Have Come Again. Greetings all! We were happy to bring $BIZZ to the table today. As we said, this is more of an accumulation play for the coming week. This is one that we’ll hopefully be saying “told ya so” within a week from now! […]

BIZZ Is Our New Social Media Alert

BIZZ – It Actually Offers Something Every Business Could Use ! Good evening fellow traders ! As we await activity on FBCD, EIPC and SGAE (all of which we’re relatively flat on the day) I’d like to introduce a company that is creating some buzz behind the scenes of the market. Tonight’s alert is reportedly […]

Today’s Watchlist And Big Buzz Play Coming Tomorrow Night

Watching and Waiting Hope everyone had a great weekend! We want to take this time to welcome all our new subscribers! Our success ove the past two weeks really increased our subscriber base and we can’t wait to impress everyone with our next alert….which is coming tomorrow night! Anyhow, we’ll keep this short and want […]

FBCD Is Actual

$FBCD = Actual. 60% Could Be Just The Beginning. Hope everyone is ecstatic! We certainly are! 60% in overnight gains is always awesome! Our faith in the actuality of $FBCD paid off today, and by watching the trading activity, we’re happy to report that there is even better news! By the way it traded today, […]