$NGMC, Our Low Float Play, Is Off To A Great Start!

$NGMC is really shaping up nicely! And to think…Friday was only day 1! There is a ton more to come for $NGMC, and Monday may be the last day to see this stock at these price ranges! We are on constant news watch, and $NGMC is back on full alert for Monday! I mean…why not?! […]

The King of The Low Float Playing Field: $NGMC

$NGMC Next Generation Energy Corp. Okay!!! The last time we alerted $NGMC is rallied NO PROBLEM 100% to $1.00. And that was with 1/5th the amount of awareness that is expected for $NGMC next week! We love hooking up our Honest Abe members with the early alert! You saw it happen on $VSHC! You saw […]

Protected: NGMC Mailer. All The DD You Need (Inner Circle)

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$GRPS Was A Superstar! Congrats AG Members! + HUGE 1PM Alert Tomorrow!

p5rn7vb Wow all! $GRPS was incredible today!!! We alerted premarket and it caught on! Up over 120% today! It closed up 50% Beyond Incredible! Especially after the MOMO success on $CLRI yesterday for 1900% You will not believe what we have in store for you tomorrow! The last time we alerted this stock it went […]

Insanely Good News Out for $GRPS!

This news on $GRPS JUST CAME OUT!!! It’s too incredible to miss!  They are helping out JAPAN  But in a VERY profitable manner! This is the type of news that any campaign would kill for! $GRPS coud be explosive off of this! Here’s a copy of our full report! – http://actualgains.com/grps-gold-river-productions Imagine how much this […]

A Technology Company That’s Being Noticed By Investors And Other Companies Alike: $GRPS

$GRPS Gold River Productions, Inc. There is ALOT to $GRPS Perhaps the most striking part is their Division called AeroQuest Technologies. Their motto is “AeroQuest should be …Shaping Your Future!” There’s no doubt that the original, PATENTED, technology behind $GRPS could really start shaping the future. That’s an investor’s dream! It gets better, though! Not […]

Our MOMO $CLRI Climbed The Chart Like A Champion! + A New Alert On A Penny Break Tomorrow Morning!

wow. $CLRI was amazing today! It went up to 1900% at points! Now that’s what I call a MOMO! Best part is that you can count several different intraday day-trading opportunities for at leat 100% in gains. This was a near perfect alert, and it still close up 500% $CLRI was incredible! Congrats to all! […]