QUMI Increases Sales 91% And Prepares For A Possibly Imminent Breakout

We know you know about QUMI. We’ve made sure over the past couple days to not only point out the highlights of the company, but to also show you the potential for the stock to move in a manner which could be incredibly promising for a swing trade,

QUMI rallied 20% from our alert to highs yesterday. Not only that, but since the day of our alert, QUMI has consistently made higher lows, with yesterday being the third day! This third day makes for confirmation of a bullish movement and TODAY is the first day of trading since that confirmation so we could have a very intense trading session today.

As great as today may be, we are more concerned with the next week or so. Just as we expected some awareness to come into QUMI by the beginning of this week, we also anticipate more and more eyes to land on that mailer we’ve sent your way.

If minimal awareness could help a 20% what could triple the same amount of exposure do?

Especially considering the chart situation we’ve been talking about:

And now, the ultimate motivating factor for QUMI….the recent news!

DataJack Announces Significant Online Sales Growth

January’s Sales up 93% Over December’s Annualized Online Sales Rate Exceeds $1M Per Year

 Think about just how impressive it is for a company to grow 91% in only a year. This isn’t going from making 500 to 970 dollars a year. This is about breaking out into the $1M per year range!

That’s incredible for any company, let alone one trading at .55 .

That’s amazing for a company at a standstill and not even in this unique technical and awareness rally.

Basically, it actually doesn’t get much better than QUMI


QUMI could move just on the promise of future investor excitement and awareness.

QUMI could move just on the confirmed technical reversal which has already rewarded traders. Today is the first day of trading since a confirmed bullish reversal!

QUMI could really begin to propel forward as a company from here now that they’ve stepped into the big leagues of 1M$ a year revenue.

QUMI DD is incredibly actual and becoming relatively permanent in the data communications field. This could be one of those hidden gems that we’ve uncovered for traders to revel in the Actuality of!




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