QUMI Massive Mailer Now Available To Go Viral

Remember the impressiveness we reiterated over and over again on QUMI?

Remember how many times we hinted towards huge, expected amounts of awareness starting Monday for QUMI?

Remember how beautiful that chart looked for traders looking to get in on a dip that was part of a longer uptrend?

Remember that Dragonfly Doji?

We sure hope everyone does, because we don’t want you to feel as though you didn’t hear enough about QUMI from us, when you are hearing about it all over again next week.

We wanted to give everyone a VERY NICE TASTE of just what type of awareness we are talking about here. A ton of people are about to find out about QUMI, but, as we said, we are bringing it to the table first.

Basically you have to see THIS MASSIVE MAILER ON QUMI(LINK)

Here’s A Copy Of The Front Page So You Know The Type Of Mailer We Are Talking About:

We’ve seen this type of mailer with all those big plays. ALZM, LEXG, RAYS, HHWW, etc. We’re not saying QUMI is the next one of those, but we’re saying it could be something of similarity! Even if it did 1/10th of what those plays did, we could be seeing some massive, short-term increases.

We are especially excited because that mailer states that this campaign starts in February 2012, so we are definitely ready to go here! There’s no way a company would hire a company to put together such an impressive document and not expect to make it as viral as possible.

Keep in mind that the opinions expressed in that mailer belong to the author, but it does show contracts with Sprint and a $1.5 target!

That’s a lot more than the .5 it is currently trading for!

QUMI makes for a great play all alone, as seen by our alert HERE. However, with this newly developed and discover material, QUMI could be the next talk of the town with our without us! We’d prefer it be with us!

We are excited to have the opportunity to find this company early at such an amazing time in it’s technical history! Couldn’t get much better than this…





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