$SOLU Strongly Stretching Forward

Yesterday was a first great day to get to know $SOLU. We became familiar with the DD, the SS, and where the company could fit into a very profitable niche.

We also became familiar with the way the stock trades.
First thing to realize, is that there was an incredible amount of bid support.
Secondly, there seemed to be an exchange of hands. From Weak to Strong.
Lastly we saw how easily it can move up in pps with volume at the ask.

Looking forward on $SOLU we should take note to some VERY CRUCIAL technical points for the coming days.

$SOLU is in the beginning stages of an uptrend, which could turn INCREDIBLE if it continues.

The reason we say this is because $SOLU is now facing the 200DMA. That 200DMA is .13 and that’s exactly where we closed. Meaning, if .13 is on the bid, we would have traded higher than the 200DMA.

MANY technical traders consider this the time to pull the trigger on a moving stock, and the increased attention to $SOLU brings more eyes to their incredible DD, which could only emphasize the value of the gem they have stumbled upon.

Additionally, $SOLU has been making HIGHER LOWS each day for the past 4 days, and even longer so before then. This, despite any red/green candles is a very important technical sign that shows the strength and support a bullish stock should have.

$SOLU is in a great position, technically, and the blue skypotential is literally on the horizon with a break of that 200DMA of .13.

The DD on $SOLU is as strong as it could be and that’s what can really bring attention to this stock, especially the niche they could fill with companies like Toyota.

Lastly, we are on HIGH NEWS WATCH from $SOLU.

News induced buying pressure could really move $SOLU well, considering the float is only 42 million!!!!

We look forward to another day in the market with all eyes on $SOLU.