SRPX Company At An All Time High(News Just Out) While The Chart Is At A Low.

Good morning everyone!

What a great morning this is turning out to be indeed!

Once again, our charting skills have ignited the community. This time its in regards to SRPX, which has a breakout chart that looks just about done bottoming out and sustaining its period of consolidation. Already, the chart appeared to be on the verge of a hidden, serious breakout.

However, NOW…the daytradeability increases for today, considering the fact that SRPX just laid down big news for investors regarding their emergence into the final phases of securing International Permits for their toxic waste disposal services. This is a very lucrative business with high demands for services like those that SRPX can provide. The fact that they are able to round up business in an international fashion shows the success of their plans and could trigger a surge of investor interest at the open!

SRPX already has a killer chart scenario, as seen HERE

But now, as we get into the DD of the company and the obvious success of their business plan, as seen by today’s news, we see a killer DD scenario as well.

We see a company that has been waiting on something big like this to breakout, just like their chart has been consolidating and bottling up pressure, in anticipation of a huge breakout.

Those two big points could combine today for what looks to be a very day-trade friendly session in just under 30 minutes!

This is what we’re talking about! Check out the DD on SRPX and the news that is JUST OUT…below.

Scorpex Inc. (SRPX.PK) a Nevada corporation is focused on becoming a leader of hazardous and toxic waste disposal in the Baja Mexico/California region where demand for waste management exceeds capacity.  Scorpex and its subsidiaries have been granted certain Mexican governmental permits and licenses that will allow them to develop and dispose of toxic and nontoxic waste originating from the United States and Mexico.  

As of June 1, 2010, Scorpex acquired 100% of the issued and outstanding securities of Scorpex International, Inc. which has an exclusive license agreement with its partner Tratamientos Ambientales Scorpion, a Mexican corporation (“TAS”).  Scorpex, through TAS has applied to obtain the necessary governmental approvals to store, gasify, recycle and dispose of residential and commercial, toxic, non-toxic, hazardous and non-hazardous waste. 

It has taken eight years, and Scorpex has met many various governmental regulatory guidelines, feasibility studies, and has worked hand in hand with government officials on key issues pertaining to zoning, road studies, environmental guidelines, land issues, health issues, and employment issues. Recently Scorpex has been granted all permits, Federal, State and Local that now allows phase II of it’s business model to be implemented which is to immediately start building a patented waste gasification plant, expected to be finalized in 2012.  Funding for the plant is estimated in the amount of $35M USD, which has already been committed and will begin during Q4 2011. As a result of these efforts, Scorpex will have the only industrial waste processing facility of its kind in Baja Mexico.

Scorpex is currently in discussions with several fortune 500 companies to properly dispose their toxic waste.  The company expects to obtain lucrative agreements from these large companies by the end of 2011.

Scorpex has recently obtained clearance from “PROFEPA – Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente” (The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection) to move the project forward. We have what is termed a resolution/approval to proceed with the project. PROFEPA can be defined as the police of the government or the Attorney General of the environment.
Currently Scorpex has a signed $30 million USD contract from IET to provide the required Gasification equipment.

Did you read what we just read?! Here are some takeaway points:

Scorpex will have the only industrial waste processing facility of its kind in Baja Mexico.

Scorpex is currently in discussions with several fortune 500 companies to properly dispose their toxic waste.

Amazing, right?! Talk about a company really catching an amazing break! And from an investors perspective…they haven’t even started yet! Think about this… if  it has taken them 8 years to get this going, then there must be some serious money involved and today’s press release shows that they are now in the final stages of making this happen. With that known, it could not be much longer before SRPX profits off of this huge deal, and it could be a rare gift to find the pps and chart in such an ample position for a breakout!

Scorpex Announces Final Phase of Permits

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scorpex, Inc. (Pinksheets:SRPX.PKNews) (the “Company”), an emerging leader of industrial, hazardous and toxic waste disposal services in the Baja Mexico/California region, announces its final phase of approvals and permitting for its initial site near the City of Ensenada, Mexico. The Company expects approval of its final Use of Soil Permit from Ensenada soon. Scorpex anticipates approval of its zoning plan and construction permits after the Use of Soil Permit is issued.

In Mexico, the federal, state, and local governments must approve and issue permits for the use of land for waste storage and disposal. Upon receipt of the city Use of Soil Permit, the Company will have received all “Use” permits necessary to begin construction and to begin to process waste materials.

“Our city Use of Soil Permit will mark a key milestone towards becoming a leader in the waste disposal, storage and recycling industry. We have submitted environmental studies, research reports, technical information, official governmental filings, and have attended multiple meetings over the last several years to get to this phase. This final use permit triggers our financing commitments, equipment contract, and additional waste supply contracts,” said Joseph Caywood, CEO of Scorpex, Inc.

Scorpex, Inc. is taking the necessary steps to own and operate a full service waste disposal and recycling company, capable of storing and disposing all types of waste, including those classified as industrial, toxic, and hazardous. The location chosen for the first Scorpex plant is strategically positioned to accommodate the vast region of Baja California, Mexico.

And there we have it! Here’s how we see it:

SRPX has a chart that looks great for a technical breakout all on its own.

SRPX has been at this for 8 years and has landed and secured some amazing dealflow in the meantime. We’re talking $35M big.

For SRPX, the time for explosion could be right around the corner as they are now in the final phases of their deal!

This could be a seriously rare situation for those interested in SRPX. The chart is at a low, just before the company is about to be at a high!




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