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Our previous e-mail on QFOR highlighted of amazing factors about the company.


Part 1 was the Annotated chart highlighting all the momentous potential that QFOR could bring to the table come Tuesday morning. The GOLDEN CROSS, the sturdy support, and the increase in volume and momentum can all be seen here. Remember, this ALONE warrants the alert on QFOR. See it here


What we have below is Part 2! This is WHAT IS ACTUAL. This is our Full-Alert, showcasing why QFOR is one of the only alerts we’ve touched this year and one of the only we will cover this year.


Some highlights of this .08 pps company include:

  • Over 800 Employees!
  • ~150 corporate clients worldwide
  • COLD HARD CASH Sales of over $20M 2 years running with a Market Cap of UNDER ~$4.3M
  • ~52M Shares Outstanding



Keep in mind that in a time when the Obama Administration is concentrating heavinly on health-care, a company like this really stands to benefit!


And now, in its full glory…. 

QFOR – Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation


Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation (Quadrant 4delivers end-to-end information technology solutions to its clients through a unique blend of product solutions, consulting, software development & maintenance, cloud based products, and technology from its global delivery centers. The company currently focuses on the Healthcare, Financial Services, IT Consulting, and Retail sectors. The company plans to enhance its positions and technical strength through acquisition of other IT enabled and managed services sector and cloud based services.

How does QFOR benefit their clientele?

The Company’s integrated solutions help to reduce large cap IT spending, streamline operations, and improve productivity for any sized company.

QFOR contributes an active pipeline of multi-year IT contracts with clients in the manufacturing, media, retail, healthcare and services sectors. They have a CMM Level 5 certified development and delivery infrastructure, which can take years for companies to build from scratch. The expertise in strategic consulting, combined with products and practices, enables them to be an end-to-end IT solutions provider for meeting customer needs. Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value.

Through a uniquely integrated consulting and solution delivery model, Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation offers its clients the flexibility and scalability to support a broad scope of technologies, client needs and project requirements.

QFOR provides these Services within their 4 Unique Business Divisions

Solutions – ERP, Product Engineering Services, Application Management Outsourcing, Business Intelligence, Custom Applications Consulting – Architecture, API, Database Management, Testing, System Integration  Managed Services – Field Engineering, Hosting, BPO,IT-in-a-Box Technology – Bolt on Products, Frameworks, Cloud Applications

How is QFOR targeting the Surging CLOUD Industry?

QFOR offers a host of cloud-based Industry solutions such as QLIXO for small and medium retailers that seamlessly integrates front end e-commerce and back end supply chain management within multiple channels

QHIX for the Affordable Patient Care market that facilitates private and government entities to setup an exchange for many uninsureds to buy cost effective health insurance. QFIX for the Asset Backed Securities markets that provides single point analytics and integrates disparate data among Issuers ,Servicers, Rating Agencies, and Investors.

Many analysts believe cloud computing will drive the future of business over the next decade. For the QFOR Cloud Services please visit

Addressing Multiple Verticals – QFOR’s next-generation IT services extend across multiple verticals. They include Health Care, Telecommunications and Financial Services, and deliver lucrative cross-marketing and up-sell opportunities.  Industry specific links are as follows: HEALTHCARE,FINANCIAL SERVICES,RETAIL SERVICES, andMANUFACTURING.

How will Obama’s EMR mandate continue to benefit QFOR?

Companies offering servicing and consulting in EMR (Electronic Medical Records) are expected to remain in high-demand. The EMR market is expected to grow by 18 to 20% over the next two years, according to Kalorama. Healthcare service advantages brought to clients by QFOR can be found on their website here.

QFOR focuses on providing Financial Technology Solutions to Retail Banks, Investment Banks, Insurance firms and technology companies focused on BFSI sectors. In depth information on Industry Service STRATEGIES can be found in the respective Industry Links above. They are widespread and thorough leaving no business stone unturned.  Clearly, SOME are more concentrated and lucrative under the current economic environment and business model.

How does QFOR plan to grow?

Global IT spending is on the rise. IT services companies, with revenues in the range of $5 M to $50 M, are ripe for consolidation.

QFOR offers an attractive global distribution platform and existing customer base to acquire these types of firms. QFOR has identified and begun negotiations with several targets that meet its acquisition criteria.

Per a recent QFOR Release, “The company has undertaken discussions with certain acquisition targets of assets, business opportunities and operating companies to expand its operations in each of the four market segments. It is anticipated that at least two significant acquisitions in furtherance of this business model will be announced within the next thirty (30) days.”

What about Organic Growth?

Quadrant 4 expects to focus on organic growth by marketing new services, including cloud-based computing, that add revenues from existing and new customers. With several acquisitions completed over the past 12-months and a pipeline of Fortune 100 multi-year contracts in place, Quadrant 4 is positioned to increase shareholder value in the near- and long-term.

What recent progress has been documented in Public Releases by QFOR?

QFOR has been hitting the press HARD the last week, and investors and traders alike have been taking notice. The growth and development we have been waiting for is here! The following release – Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation (Q4) Approves Operational Reorganization to Capitalize on Additional Opportunities in Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC)  -has the Small Cap Technology traders in a ruckus.

QFOR is making 2 Acquisitions to be announced shortly, rebranding the company by developing 4 concrete Subsidiaries/Divisions, and using their R&D to develop Massive Value Opportunities. Here is what Management had to say: Dhru Desai, Executive Chairman of the board, commented, “Over last 12 months Q4 has been making significant bets on R&D in developing proprietary platform technologies involving social, mobile, big data analytics and cloud (SMAC). Heading into 2013 we see the disruption from these four forces creating a huge market opportunity for Q4 as provider of end-to-end solutions to main stream IT buyers and enable them to efficiently adopt a SMAC strategy.”

Earlier last week, QFOR released this bombshell – Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation (Q4) Announces Release of its Integrated Private Exchange and Benefits Management SAAS PlatformThey have completed the integration of the recently acquired empowHR product for benefits management with QHIX, its cloud based Private Health Insurance Exchange platform.  GROWTH in the HEALTHCARE Evolution will be key for driving QFOR Sales, and the environment is there for it.This quote sums up the QFOR service as ESSENTIAL and Beneficial:

“Benefits brokers are under considerable financial pressure as health insurance companies have begun to cut commissions in advance of the upcoming impacts of the Affordable Care Act.  With the Q4 Healthcare Solutions new integrated empowHR platform, we can help the broker evolve the their business model from a transactional quote gatherer to a true strategic healthcare and benefits partners for their mid-cap and small-cap employers clients.”

QFOR has the FINANCIAL GROWTH, TOP LINE Ambition, Managerial Vision, and the Technologies and Innovation to continue to Create value for shareholders. We believe the Daily Chart will begin to SHOW that Value and an Increased Market Cap as the Sales Growth and Acquisitions hit the Press! Let us ask you….



Look at All That! Think about the fact that this is in addition to the Annoted Chart we sent yesterday and we still haven’t gone into the merger news. We’ll let that all settle now, before the morning. 


ENJOY QFOR (until it gets too hot to handle!)






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