The January Numbers Are In. 285% On The Month. Also, ASFX Updates Inside

Good evening all! We wanted to share with you just how amazing our track-record has proven to be this January Session.   A $5,000 investment into each one of our alerts this past month would have left traders with $19,250. And that’s factoring in losses, since we openly admit that no one is perfect! $5,000 […]

With A Market Cap Lower Than Their Revenues, ASFX Could Rally 900% Again

Good morning all! We hope you’ve been making yourself familiar with ASFX with our report (found here) We want to reiterate at least the main points that makes ASFX shine out like a hidden gem amongst all the other sub-penny companies. Taking into account the following points, it’s hard to believe that ASFX is sub-penny! […]

ASFX (American Scientific Resources, Inc.) If You’re Going To Read Up On One Alert So Far This Year, Make It This One

Well, it took a while, but we’ve finally found a play that we would really feel epitomizes the AG spirit. That is, to be clear, a company that has Actual DD. Meaning there are tangible aspects of the company and investors can learn about the company and be completely clear on what they do. Additionally, […]