New CYCA Details Make This Ready For Some MoMo

Morning Everyone! The buzz for our new momentum plays, CYCA has seriously exploded. Why wouldn’t it? The company is amazing and their latest 8-K, featuring talks of deals with AT&T has gone unnoticed, until now. All the popular message boards are getting hit heavy with new traders interested in CYCA. CYCA themselves even started tweeting, […]

CYCA (Cytta Corp.) Has A Deal With AT&T And No One Knows…Yet.

Happy Sunday All! We’re sure the big game has your attention, but once your eyes get unglued from the wings…you’re fortunately going to be entranced by a new attention grabber: CYCA. What do we have here? In out last email, we showed you how an 8-K can propel penny stocks over 500% in a just […]