New Sub-Penny, Low-Float Alert Tomorrow Morning!

Greetings all. You know by now that we like to keep things honest here. $CGFIA definitely wasn’t our best alert. While it hasn’t represented any losses thus far, it hasn’t performed as well as we would have liked thus far. It seems as though there was a lot of unexpected selling, that we could have […]

Last Week Was (of course) Another Great One! + New Alert Tomorrow Morning at 10am EST.

Happy Sunday All! Last week was pretty intense! We said we’d bring you 5 days worth of gains in 4 days, and we delivered! $IMTS was our Wednesday MOMO, and it shot up!!!! We called it with NO trades yet, and .0013 on the ask. Going up as high as .007 for over 400% in […]

We Actually Keep It Coming! + Watch-list Below

Congrats, again! $BGNN was a killer success on Monday. From our alert at .0013, we saw above .0026 for over 100% and it’s still holding over 50% of those gains! $UNDT we made incredible strides for a triple zero. We alerted with .0006 on the ask, and it ended up with .0007 on the bid, […]