Market Closed Today, But We’ll Be Working On Tonight’s Emerging, Explosive Alert

Morning all! Just a friendly reminder that the market is closed today in honor of President’s Day. However, the more important reminder is…. “The guys that brought you GRDC(Friday’s 200% Alert!)¬†have another pick coming tonight!” All weekend long we’ve been getting new subscribers to our emails and are now at a record high! Also, we […]

GRDC Rallies 200% From The Open. Oh…We Have More. Read Up.

Well Well Well….. When we get THAT excited…we deliver!¬† Our trained eyes were able to find a company as amazing as GRDC that could also give traders the amount of excitement they love to see. See our full alert on GRDC HERE We also said that we wanted to bring you enough excitement for 2 […]

GRDC – See Why We Are Drooling

Welcome to the world of GRDC. It’s a fascinating journey, where you can see everything we were excited about. Here they all are in an easy to access format, so you get all the facts quick;y and can, in turn, see how GRDC trades. GRDC is our Friday alert, giving exposure to a very Actual […]