3 Simple Reasons for $AAPL Puts Today

  1) Technicals appear overbought. Unjustified. Top of rally cross identified as of today. 2) Apple Pay is miles behind Google Wallet. 3) AAPL has yet to fill this gap, which investor sentiment doesn’t seem to want to support.   Disclaimer: I own AAPL Puts that expire on November 7th with a strike of 104$. […]

What’s More Actual Than Revenue? We Don’t Know, But GATA Has Plenty.

Happy Saturday All! First off, congrats on the minimum of 10% that traders were able to book on Friday because of our heavy watch-list on ITNS. We know when and how to call ITNS like clockwork, now. Congrats on that. We had a very eventful week, with gains almost all week! We were happy to […]

GRDC – See Why We Are Drooling

Welcome to the world of GRDC. It’s a fascinating journey, where you can see everything we were excited about. Here they all are in an easy to access format, so you get all the facts quick;y and can, in turn, see how GRDC trades. GRDC is our Friday alert, giving exposure to a very Actual […]

HHGI (Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc.) – This Volatile Penny Play Has Had A Five Fold Revenue Increase

Today’s company has several ‘Actual’ factors we want you to keep in mind while reading through our writeup below: ​HHGI have revenue-positive properties (yes revenue is unbelievable for a stock trading at only .015) HHGI have recently experienced a 5 fold increase in revenue from specific markets just last year! The last time we alerted […]

SRPX Company At An All Time High(News Just Out) While The Chart Is At A Low.

Good morning everyone! What a great morning this is turning out to be indeed! Once again, our charting skills have ignited the community. This time its in regards to SRPX, which has a breakout chart that looks just about done bottoming out and sustaining its period of consolidation. Already, the chart appeared to be on […]

With A Chart Like This, SRPX Can’t Help But Go Nuts Tomorrow

Good evening all! As stated in our last email, we have a very liquid alert to bring to the table that has been trading very heavily recently and it’s liquidity has allowed for an amazing chart to form, with which we’ve picked up on some of our favorite technical indicators showing what promises to deliver […]

APRE (Aperature Health, Inc.) Is A Brand New Company Capturing The Home-Heatlh Care Market By Storm

Greetings all! We are excited to unveil this new company! Hardly trading and making an awareness debut (starting with us!) on Monday, this could easily add itself to  our list of winners for the year. Especially so, considering the Actuality of the company. We have a knack for finding undervalued companies trading at just pennies […]