TSPG and EVDR: These 2 Actual Sub Pennies Need To Be On Your Watchlist Tomorrow

We are thoroughly impressed by the actuality brought to the table by the two companies we have on HIGH WATCH for tomorrow. Also, due to the momentous potential of these two, this could turn into a full fledged momentum alert come first thing tomorrow morning. We’re going to start out with one of our favorite, […]

We’re Digging The DD on DIGX (Dig It Underground, Inc.)

DIGX sure is drawing a nice path for investors. Before we dive into the details, we want to point out that: This company is new and offers a true ground-floor opportunity for investors looking to be a part of their future. The company is about to expand in a huge manner, and it hasn’t actualized […]

Is It Time For THWI To Rally Hard Again? See What The Chart Says.

THWI (Thwapr Corp) is on high alert due to technical reasons, allowing investors that want to capitalize on the DD, a more profitable position, potentially.

Actual Gains For A Ten-Bagger Win. RAYS Prevails With Our Prescribed Sentiments

The last you heard from us…we brought you an alert that shook the market.When we say 990% in gains was ACTUALLY possible, we aren’t kidding. IXEH rocketed from .0015 at the time of our alert to .0129 . Both that low and that high were very liquid, providing amazing trading opportunities for our list ONLY! […]

$ARWD – Arrow Resources Development, Inc.

Our Alert for Monday May 16th is: $ARWD Arrow Resources Development, Inc. To view our In-Depth DD, Please CLICK HERE Video Chart For ARWD ENJOY $ARWD Disclosure/Disclaimer None of these are an actual instruction or incentive to buy. Any prospective prices are simply estimates based on light research. All the rumors spoken of are simply […]

It’s MOMO Time!: $CLRI

The next installment in the AG MOMO Series is:  $CLRI Cleartronics, Inc. The O/S count is only 132 mil! This is EXACTLY the type of low float when we look for FAST movers, with a lot of MOMO potential. For this MOMO, we wanted to bring one to the table that was also a REAL […]

Today’s Spotlight really knows how to rally on news! : $FOGC

$FOGC was a very popular stock on Monday. As you can see…it rallied overĀ 1000% on news momentum! As an intro, this tells us the simple fact that this company’s trading habits tend to react well to news. Therefore, it is because of news at 3:55pm yesterday, that… www.actualgains.com presents: $FOGC Fortune Oil and Gas, Inc. […]