$UYMG is our new SUB PENNY PLAY – You have to read this news!

$UYMG Unity Management Group, Inc. We know the recipe for a good runner by now! $UYMG cooks a mighty fine meal. 1. A Catalyst – THIS INCREDIBLE NEWS: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Unity-Management-Group-Inc-iw-2561664096.html?x=0&.v=1 2. Thin L2 (see below) 3. Favorable Share Structure (43 million in float according to otcmarkets AND ITS SUB PENNY!) Alright! So let’s dissect this news and what […]

An Incredible Influx of Actual Gains – New Alert Tomorrow!

Wow, just wow. I could hardly keep track of all the plays today! $XNRG closed up 11% at .2 today. We’ve been calling this for accumulation at .14 areas, and now the games have just started rolling! $CWNR closed up 80% higher than the calls we had for .17 accumulation. Was one of our better […]