Posting Actual Gains on $LEXG and New Play Tomorrow!

Greetings! Whew…where do we start! Let’s go with $LEXG! Wow…this one started giving us some serious gains! Originally alerted at $1.05, we realized almost 40% in gains today as it traded close to $1.50 As we’ve been saying for a while…we love $LEXG and were speculative of a big promo, but now we know there is a 3.3 […]

Strong, Liquid Day for $UPCO + Options Plays

Greetings all! As we stated in our emails…$UPCO was a great trade if you were mindful of the gap. We stressed via Twitter to take advantage of the liquidity. With over 1/2 a million in trading volume, it was easy to day-trade this one all day for at least 5% in gains. Moderate…yes. But Actual […]