CSOC Took Its Bounce Potential To The Next Level With Merger And Acquisition News After Hours

Well, well well… We have quite the setup on our hands. And… it’s all entirely ACTUAL in the highest degree. That’s because on top of anything we’re going to discuss below, this is one of the more actual companies we’ve come across in a while. CSOC – Caduceus Software Systems Initially, we wanted to feature […]

RCFEF Could Be The Perfect Alert For What Could Be The 10th Straight Day of Rising Oil Prices

Good Afternoon all! It’s gotten to the point where its impossible not to notice the rising prices at the pump. All the big wall street guys are saying this is one of the bigger hikes in a long time and that it could just be getting started. When everyone notices an industry (like how even […]

LIMO DD Matches The Actuality of The Chart

Morning all. It’s an exciting morning as we await the open for a technical alert that shows potential for an intraday rally. If you missed our chart that highlighted the signals our favorite indicator has provided for today, then check it out here However, there’s an additional motivating factor here, which is shown by an […]

What’s More Actual Than Revenue? We Don’t Know, But GATA Has Plenty.

Happy Saturday All! First off, congrats on the minimum of 10% that traders were able to book on Friday because of our heavy watch-list on ITNS. We know when and how to call ITNS like clockwork, now. Congrats on that. We had a very eventful week, with gains almost all week! We were happy to […]

GRNE Rallies For 200% In Gains Brought To You By Actual Gains

We just wanted to send out a quick email checking in on the amazingness of today’s alert, GRNE. Just take a look at how beautiful it looks on the day: GRNE is moving up on strong volume in a momentous fashion and has already been rewarding traders from the .0006 open! That’s already 100% just […]