VLNX (Vision Plasma Systems, Inc.) and Actual Gains

Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. Is Our Newest Alert! VLNX Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. is a technology company that has developed a Mobile Plasma Gasification System for the Complete Remediation of Hazardous Wastes. The power and opportunity in Vision Plasma System’s proprietary Arc Master I lies in mobility and flexibility.The system can be located close to […]

April Track-Record = 259% + Sub-Penny Momentum Alert Coming Friday!

Greetings all! With all the exciting alerts in May so far, we almost forgot to check in on our annual track-record, which shows the overwhelming evidence that it pays to stick with us as your sole newsletter! Why? Because in just one Month we were able to deliver the following plays. Notice how we include […]

The March Numbers Are In (196%) + We’re At It Again With Another Sub-Penny Tomorrow

Well…here we are again! After an amazing January and February (as seen below), we were a little scared that March wouldn’t be able to size up. However, once again we came through! Listed below are all of our alerts and the ACTUAL potential that was available. We like to stress transparency. While we aren’t perfect, […]

NXOI – A Sub Penny, At Support, With A Low Float. Almost Too Much Potential.

Good Morning All! By the looks of it, today could be a very exciting day! You know we love the concept of “combination alerts”, where we are motivated by not just one factor, but by multiple aspects of a company and the resulting combination of motivations all at once! Usually, just one factor on its […]

AGCZ News Speaks To Some Huge Numbers. Can This Be The Last Piece To Break Resistance?

Good Morning All, We’ve included our report on AGCZ below in order to keep you familiar with all the reasons behind why AGCZ could break past resistance today. Now, think about the news that came out last night as an additionaly catalyst! We’ve included directly below. This entire combination of factors could lead to a […]

AG and AGCZ – A Timely, And Actual Situational Alert

Good Evening All, There’s a lot of reasons we like our alert, which begins its coverage on Monday Trading. Not only do the first two letters of their ticker match our famous AG acronym, but they have a lot, fundamentally, in common with the features we admire most here. That being said, this alert is […]

We Feel Compelled To Share This REEI News Wth You

Good evening all! Today’s alert, CSOC, was filled with potential! We saw early morning rips, dips, bounces, and liquid movement. Our technicals calls, as we saw with the chart, as complimented by the news catalysts were dead on. Traders were able to lock in 20% at certain points during the day, but we’ll work with […]