FROG Started Here. Rinse. Repeat. Stage 1 Could Start Today.

Morning all! Sorry about the delayed emails last night, we had some technical difficulties. However, it only takes a few moments to see the FROG potential for a liquid trade. We like the idea that currently, FROG is at the cheapest price it’s ever been at AND the company is in its most valuable state, […]

FROG As Actual As Ever, But Cheaper Than Ever As Well. Technical Alert.

Greetings all! Lately we’ve been bringing a lot of more long-term plays to the table. These were ones that were lying dormant and rely on our keen eye to bring them into the spotlight. This is amazing and we are always happy to bring potential to the table. However, they may take more time to […]

What’s More Actual Than Revenue? We Don’t Know, But GATA Has Plenty.

Happy Saturday All! First off, congrats on the minimum of 10% that traders were able to book on Friday because of our heavy watch-list on ITNS. We know when and how to call ITNS like clockwork, now. Congrats on that. We had a very eventful week, with gains almost all week! We were happy to […]

PAWP ‘s Canadian Success Allows For U.S Expansion As Of This AH News

Greetings all! When we first found PAWP, we thought it was an incredible find, especially with recent news that seemed to go unnoticed. You know we have a great knack for finding alerts with amazing catalysts that somehow go undiscovered. (Remember our 100% alert on Cytta Corp. when we found their news with AT&T in […]

Our Staggering February Numbers Are In. Can You Say 627% ?

Good day all! We took the day of from an alert or a watch-list so as to carefully confirm a couple things. 1 – That we actually deserve all the praise we’ve been getting this year and 2- That we keep it coming….via A New Alert Tomorrow Morning. We’ve taken care of both of them […]

Seems Like BCDH Is Throwing Quite The Party. We’re Accepting The Invite.

Happy Oscar Day, All! We’re huge movie buffs here at AG and while this is an exciting day, we are hard at work, in preparation for a Monday trading session that could do nothing but continue our amazing winning-streak. With Monday’s alert, we see potential due to several factors. Firstly, both volume and internet buzz […]

GRNE Rallies For 200% In Gains Brought To You By Actual Gains

We just wanted to send out a quick email checking in on the amazingness of today’s alert, GRNE. Just take a look at how beautiful it looks on the day: GRNE is moving up on strong volume in a momentous fashion and has already been rewarding traders from the .0006 open! That’s already 100% just […]