QUMI Increases Sales 91% And Prepares For A Possibly Imminent Breakout

We know you know about QUMI. We’ve made sure over the past couple days to not only point out the highlights of the company, but to also show you the potential for the stock to move in a manner which could be incredibly promising for a swing trade, QUMI rallied 20% from our alert to […]

Now That QUMI Has Proven It’s Actuality, Get Ready For What’s Next For QUMI

Not only have we proven ourselves to subscribers by delivering EASY, realized gains this morning on QUMI after the technical rally, but QUMI has also proven itself with news and awareness! Here at Actual Gains, you know we like to stress TWO different types of plays that can be made of the same alert. The […]

The DD on QUMI Is Actually Amazing, But There’s Way More…

  Okay, seriously…we’re as impressed with the DD on QUMI as we are with our current track record! With an amazing string of success at our back, we are looking very positively into tomorrow’s trading session. When Kobe is hot…you pass him the ball. When Actual Gains is hot…you pay attention to the details, especially […]