AVEW (Actionview International, Inc.) Is Our New Sub-Penny Alert! We Are Surprised By The Pickup Here!

We are more than ready to jump into our new alert, AVEW! AVEW just recently started to pick up from no bid x .0001 to .0002 x.0003. This type of increased investor interest has proven sustained and not just a one-day event. The momentum attracted us to research WHY this activity has come about. Literally […]

It’s MOMO Time!: $CLRI

The next installment in the AG MOMO Series is:  $CLRI Cleartronics, Inc. The O/S count is only 132 mil! This is EXACTLY the type of low float when we look for FAST movers, with a lot of MOMO potential. For this MOMO, we wanted to bring one to the table that was also a REAL […]