We Actually Keep It Coming! + Watch-list Below

Congrats, again! $BGNN was a killer success on Monday. From our alert at .0013, we saw above .0026 for over 100% and it’s still holding over 50% of those gains! $UNDT we made incredible strides for a triple zero. We alerted with .0006 on the ask, and it ended up with .0007 on the bid, […]

What A Week! Ready To Do It All Again? NEW ALERT: Tomorrow Morning!

What a Stellar week! Please read our blog-roll on www.actualgains.com and see how last week gave us a RIDICULOUS amount of gains. Remember that regardless of any stock we mention over the next few weeks, we really stand by our beliefs in $SOLU and you should read our campaign archive for all the DD you could ask […]

$SOLU Strongly Stretching Forward

Yesterday was a first great day to get to know $SOLU. We became familiar with the DD, the SS, and where the company could fit into a very profitable niche. We also became familiar with the way the stock trades. First thing to realize, is that there was an incredible amount of bid support. Secondly, […]