Wednesday 4/8/2015 Fast Moving Stocks (THCZ) (NTEK) (LIBE) (OSLH) (ECIGD)

Looking for the hottest penny stocks? (THCZ) (NTEK) (LIBE) (OSLH) (ECIGD) are the most important according to our sources!

Thursday 4/2/2015 Fast Moving Stocks (THCZ) (MDCN) (ECIG) (MYEC) (MINE)

We hope all of our readers and visitors are having a profitable Thursday. As always, we must start off with one of the day’s biggest movers, Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ). So far today THCZ has traded over 56235182 shares, slightly above its 30 day average volume. The stock opened at 0.25 this morning, trading […]