UYMG – Nice Start. Stellar Chart Play Tomorrow

Alright! Let’s see what we’re working with here. $UYMG was VERY thin on the open, as we had anticipated. Unfortunately, it seemed too many people wanted a piece of that news, and it led to a gap. As you know from our tweets…we are not a big fan of gaps, and we advised to be mindful […]

$UYMG is our new SUB PENNY PLAY – You have to read this news!

$UYMG Unity Management Group, Inc. We know the recipe for a good runner by now! $UYMG cooks a mighty fine meal. 1. A Catalyst – THIS INCREDIBLE NEWS: 2. Thin L2 (see below) 3. Favorable Share Structure (43 million in float according to otcmarkets AND ITS SUB PENNY!) Alright! So let’s dissect this news and what […]